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    Okay so i wrote this one out of boredom It is a Victorious Fan-fic please tell me if i should continue or not

    Tori's POV
    It was Monday morning I had just woken up after hearing my phone go off then I heard Trina call up "Come on Tori we have to go now the Castings for the play are up and I need to know that I got the lead!" I didn't say anything back and that didn't make me hurry up either I was now putting on a bright purple tank top with some blue jean shorts. The I heard my phone go off this time it was Beck Oliver I answered it right away not knowing what he wanted."Hey Tori do you think Trina could stop by and pick me up?" It took me a while to answer but i responded with "I don't know why what happened?" He shyly answered with "well you see me and Jade got into a fight last night then she stole my car keys and threw them in a lake." "oh wow i'm sorry i'll go ask Trina then call back Bye." He then hung up and I went down stairs to ask Trina. "There you are Tori come one we have to go right now!" I looked down at the ground not know how she would respond "well actually Trina do you think we could stop by Beck's house and pick him up." She looked at me with a weird exspression and said "okay Tori we will go pick up your lover." I quikly called Beck back he answered right away. "Hey Tori so what did Trina say." he sounded kinda nervous while asking. "She said it was fine but you are gonna have to listen to her tryign to sing along with every song that comes one that she knows." We both started to laugh then hung up and I walked to the car and got in the back seat. We pulled up to his house Trina made me go and knock on the door but there was no answer the first time. I was about to leave because I thought Jade might of came and picked him up. As soon and I turned around I saw him standing there he was wearing a black shirt with a red plaid over shirt, his hair looked a little over done as always but he was perfect in every way. I know it was wrong to think that way about him because he is in love with Jade and she is in love with him. He glanced at me then started to walk over "Hey Tori you finally made it." I looked at him confused did he think I would just ditch him "Well yeah I wouldn't forget about you." He looked at me frowned then quickly turned it into a smile but I could tell something was wrong "What is wrong you seem upset?" His fake smile quickly turned back into a frown " Well the real reason I wanted you to come get me is because Jade was supposed to but she forgot and my dad took my keys, so i had no other way of getting to school." I looked at him he could see the sorrow in my eyes he pated my head and said "Look it's not your fault so you don't need to worry." I looked down at the ground my smile was now gone I didn't know what I felt anymore " Well umm lets get going we are gonna be late." I hesitated afterwards we walked to the car and both got in the back side by side.I fell asleep on the way there when I woke up my head was on Beck's shoulder when we got there he nudged me to wake me up. "Good morning I'm surprised Trina's singing didn't wake you." he said trying to hold back a smile."Well you get used to it when you have to live with her!" I exclaimed. We got out of the car and as I slammed the door shut Beck hugged me and said "thank you for the ride I owe you big time." I looked away and just started to walk not even waiting for him.
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