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Pokémon: Re-Emerald Version
Created and Developed by RikuCrafter

NOTE: This game uses some of the same resources as a similarly titled project, Pokémon Emerald Legend. This game is not connected to that game in any way, doesn’t take any of the story elements, and the use of the same resources is just what’s available for public use.
Welcome to my thread, you can call me Riku. Lately, I've become pretty addicted to playing Pokémon Emerald Version, for the GBA. In response to completing the game, I decided to search for RMXP remakes of the Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald games, and, to no surprise – there were heaps.
So, I decided, I wouldn’t remake Emerald. I’m now reimagining it. The way I would like, with heaps added to the story. In this thread, I’ll outline some of the most major changes I’m making for this new project.
Please ignore the previous thread here, Pokémon Clockwork Echoes. I had typed two threads, unable to decide which one I wanted to do, and posted Clockwork Echoes by accident. I may make PCE one day, but for now, Re-Emerald is priority.


The main hero of our story. They move from Johto to Hoenn, where they meet Lyanna and Dustin.Their adventure will be filled with fun and danger, so stay tuned!

Twelve years old, and the daughter of Hoenn’s regional professor, Professor Birch. She is quite kind, but is not fond of Dustin. When the hero moves to Littleroot Town, she is too busy to meet them, as she helps Professor Birch with his research. Lyanna uses Lyra’s sprite from HGSS (right now), and she is a replacement for the ‘Birch’s Kid’ character of the real game. She lives above the professor’s lab with her sister, mother and father. Her starter Pokémon is Aron.
Thirteen years of age. The son of a Hoenn region native woman, and a Gym Leader from Unova, Dustin has always dreamed of becoming a Pokémon Trainer. Only a day or two before the hero arrives, Dustin’s father arrives from Unova and visits his family in Littleroot, giving Dustin a Unova Pokémon as a starter. His starter Pokémon is Snivy.

Emerald reimagined, with Generation Four graphics
New characters and a completely rewritten plot
Moving sprites, with thanks to the Unova add on
More to come!

The game follows Pokémon Emerald’s story – to a degree. More characters of my own creation will be added, and the plot will be expanded – giving more of a backstory to many of the characters. Some characters will get ‘flashback style events’, similar to the Giovanni event in HGSS.

The most I’m looking for in help right now is probably someone who could sprite for me. As much as I love Kytomonian’s HGSS sprites, they are public, and I’d love some of my own. The sprites are my biggest need at the moment, and a spriter is someone who would make a huge impact on this project.


Dustin's Mystery Father

The Mysterious Second Rival

Professor Birch and Lyanna

Live From Petalburg Gym...

The Redesigned Opening

Newly Created Rivals


Note: All maps have their tile errors fixed, and the trees now overlap.

Route 103

Oldale Town

Littleroot Town


Created and developed by RikuCrafter
Based on the video game ‘Pokémon: Emerald Version’
Using RPG Maker XP, from Enterbrain
With the assistance of Pokémon Essentials, by Poccil and the Essentials Team
Along with the original idea of the Pokémon series, from Nintendo and Game Freak
Multiple Overworlds and Tiles: Kymotonian and Rafael-Animal
Rayquaza (Emerald Legend Creator): Inspiration and Public Indoor Tiles
Desbrina (Lightning Yellow): Inspiration and Upgrading Help
And, of course, to you, if you took the time to read this thread.

For extra screenshots, check out my DeviantArt at

All new screenshots will go there first
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