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    Originally Posted by Moonstruck Muse View Post
    I'm sorry to bother people here, but I was wondering if there is a tutorial or program out there to edit the battle sprites in HG/SS? I've seen people do it but haven't been able to track down anything of that sort, so I was curious if one existed. Sorry if this has been covered all ready and I missed it in this topic. Thank you very much!
    Use PokeDSPicPlatinum. Do keep in mind that you'll need a program that will be able to change your new image to 8bpp (256 color palette with only the first 16 colors used in my experience, first color always transparency).
    Originally Posted by TTYO View Post
    Has anyone got a solution editing the Wild Encounters in HGSS?
    PPRE worked for me. Just make sure to know that, if the scripts in a map are unchanged, PPRE will corrupt them for some reason. Just type some gibberish in a random script in the map (example: ioushfiuhsljfialjds) and it won't corrupt the scripts. I had the problem of my game freezing every time I edited something, then I realized it was just the scripts, so I'm assuming it's an error in the program. Gibberish is a great fix though
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