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    Hi, I just "liked" your Facebook page. My name is Mujtahid ul Haque there, and you can message me there if you like. I'm on Facebook every day, while I'm usually on Pokécommunity only a few times a month. I think I saw your Rapidshare link somewhere else on the internet, and I didn't realize until after downloading that it needed a password. Then I searched you on PokéCommunity. That's why I didn't know to PM you right away.

    Anyway, I'm a university student and my semester's almost up, so I was wondering if you would like some extra help over the summer. I've worked in two fangame projects (both died a long time ago) as a writer/proofreader/concept designer/staffer/a bunch of other things. I'm also unique in that I'm willing to try certain things that other hackers/developers will never touch, like fixing the messy National Dex so the cross-generational evolutions are next to each other. I actually did that for Pokémon Hall of Fame.

    In my latest version of Pokédex reorganization (working on it now), I implement 5th gen Pokémon and fix up all the evolutions in Pokémon Essentials so they make more sense. For example, Luvdisc evolves into Alomomola and Cacnea evolves into Cacturne (male) or Maractus (female). Similarly, Kirlia automatically evolves into Gardevoir (female) or Gallade (male). Kanto and Johto Pokémon and their legendaries are all together, and they also include 4th gen evolutions that aren't in the HGSS dex. Nidoran has male and female forms with separate graphics and stats instead of being separate species. My goal with this concept is to make Pokémon design as simple and efficient as possible. That means no complicated beauty points or trading with items nonsense. Raising Pokémon should be fun but Nintendo just keeps putting in more and more busy work with every new game.

    My writing skills in English are guaranteed 99.9% flawless and I do a lot of editing and teach kids how to write in my job. So you won't have to worry about things like awkward construction or spelling and grammar mistakes.

    As for concept designing, I study geography at Penn State university so I know how this works. I base designs of places, stories, etc. based on elements from the real world and from mythology. So in other words, I can design regions the same way Pokémon game creators do them.

    I can also compose music and I'm really good at working with MIDI files. You know how MIDI that you find on random websites usually sounds like crap? I can make them sound nice with a little editing. That way you can get high quality sound with minimal file size. I know a lot of fangames have the problem where they have maybe 40 MB of content and 200 MB of background music.

    I'm wondering, how much of your plot and/or features are tentative and open to interpretation? I know you said you're using some Hoenn stuff as placeholders for what you really want to put in there. Well, how much of the demo do you plan on keeping?
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