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I've been meaning to RNG this guy for so long.

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A Pokémon I have always relied on... I just can't go past Vaporeon. When my brother first showed me how to play Pokémon on Pokémon Red when I was little, the first Pokémon I ever used was a Vaporeon, ever since that day, it has been my favourite Pokémon and has never changed. Whenever I used to play Red when I was little, my Vaporeon would always be so overlevelled because I would always use it over other Pokémon. Since then I have used countless Vaporeon, whether they were on my in-game teams, challenges, Pokémon Online teams, and more. On in-game teams, Vaporeon is always one of the, if not the best and most reliable Pokémon on the team. In generation I games, Vaporeon can be taught Ice Beam from the TM in Celadon City, giving it a great move. Vaporeon's high bulk allow it to take hits weaker Pokémon on in-game teams can't, and with 110 base Sp. Atk, it can do lots of damage with STAB Surf. I could always rely on Vaporeon in other games too, like Pokémon Mystry Dungeon, where I was a girl, just so I could play as Vaporeon, and later in Sky where she was my partner Pokémon, and one that never let me down. I've used tons of Vaporeon in my challenges over the years. In my Ultimate Trio-Species Challenge, it was always the hardest hitting and the best at taking hits of the three and in my Hall of Fame Challenge, on the last team, Vaporeon was the MVP and out of all the Pokémon that I had used in the entire challenge before it, it grew the most levels. Vaporeon is the Pokémon I always use on my Pokéwalker, so it never leaves my side... literally. I've used many Vaporeon on Pokémon Online with different movesets, but I've RNGed this one to match the one I am currently using. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that my Vaporeon is the Pokémon I rely on most. Mine knows Acid Armor, Scald, Rest and Toxic. It has a Calm nature because after an Acid Armor, his defence isn't a weak point anymore. I've made massive comebacks and swept many times with this Vaporeon. Using Drizzle to my advantage, I switch in, use Acid Armor, Rest if I need to, and then use Toxic followed by more Rests until the opponent slowly, but surely dies. His bulkiness takes so many people by surprise and I find him the funnest to battle with. This is why I have RNGed my favourite Pokémon, Vaporeon for the trusty talisman challenge!