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    People still bugged Misty about Azurill and she was on her last nerve. "Maybe I should send Azurill back to Daisy…" She murmured doubtfully.

    "Azuu?" Azurill asked and looked up at her with wide eyes.

    "Oh… How could I leave you?!" She hugged her baby with a coo before frowning. "But I'm never going to hear the end of it. How does Ash and Pikachu stand it?"

    But as Misty exited the town she began to see less people and more Pokemon. She let out an audible sigh as she strolled leisurely, now she could rest easy.

    All the Pokemon were unfamiliar. There were pigeon, chipmunk, pink deer and puppy Pokemon. But the ones that caught Misty's eye were a flock of swan Pokemon.

    "Oh! They're so beautiful!" She said with sparkly eyes and clasped hands. She shifted positions to hold onto Azurill with one hand and grab a Pokeball with the other. "I might as well catch some Pokemon while I'm here. Maybe there will be some cool water Pokemon here."

    She was about to send out Gyarados but thought against it because she might scare them of before she could weaken them. Instantly she regretted leaving so many of her Pokemon at the gym for Daisy, but she wanted to ensure that her sister would actually battle the challengers… And that took a lot of motivation.

    She sent out her only other Pokemon she brought besides Azurill. "Misty calls Staryu!" She cried and threw the ball.

    Her old faithful starfish Pokemon appeared with a flash of light.

    "Staryu, use Rapid Spin on one of those swans!"

    "Heiia!" Staryu cried as it spun and slammed into one of the Swannas.

    The flock of Swannas- other than the one that was hit- flew away. The Swanna that was hit stood up at full height to tower over Staryu while fluffing out its feathers and cawing angrily.

    "Staryu! Use Bubblebeam!"

    Staryu released bubbles from its top that bombarded Swanna- a hit that seemed to do some damage but also just made it more mad.

    "Alright Staryu! Now use Rapid Spin again!"

    Staryu spun towards Swanna but before it could strike a blow, Swanna waked it away with a powerful wing.

    "Keep going Staryu!" Misty encouraged with clenched fists.

    It spun toward Swanna again but this time it didn't get close because Swanna had started flapping its large, elegant wings to whip up a powerful gust of wind. Staryu was shot back and slammed into a tree.

    "No! Staryu!" Misty cried and ran up to her Pokemon- who had slid down the tree and now slumped on the ground with a flashing jewel. "Oh no, this looks bad…" She turned to see that the Swanna was getting ready to take off.

    Misty then remembered the new move Staryu had learned. Perfect! She thought and stood up. "Staryu, use Power Gem!"

    Staryu sat up straight as its gem began to radiate with a blinding light. Glowing gem particles shot out of its jewel and struck Swanna hard as it tried to take off. It fell to the ground, stunned by the direct blow.

    "Great job Staryu!" Misty praised before pulling out a Pokeball. "Go Pokeball!" She threw the ball just as a blue Pokemon walked obliviously in front of the Swanna and was captured in the ball instead. It shook a couple of times with a glowing with a glowing dout before sealing.

    Misty stood blinking in confusion. "What happened?"

    The Swanna regained its strength and flew away. "No! Wait! Staryu, use Power Gem again!"

    Staryu tried to attack but the Swanna was too far away and too fast in the sky.

    "I really wanted that Pokemon!" Misty sighed in disappointment before spinning around to glare daggers at the now-still Pokeball. "What stupid Pokemon prevented me from catching my swan?!" She growled and stomped towards the Pokeball. She picked it up and opened the ball. "Go Pokemon." She grumbled.

    The Pokemon that had come out was a blue duck with big dopey eyes. Misty's eye twitched, those dopey eyes looked all too familiar. It took all her willpower to not whip out her mallet and smack this stupid duck across the region.

    Ducklett stared at her with big, blank eyes before idiotically cawing, "Ducklett!" and waving a wing.

    Misty snapped. "YOU IDIOTIC DUCK!!!" She screamed and pulled out her mallet and started swinging as she pursued the innocent Pokemon. Ducklett flapped its wings frantically to flee from the red head's swinging mallet. "I DON'T WANT ANOTHER PSYDUCK, I WANT A SWAN!!!"

    Ducklett flew up high enough to be just out of reach of the mallet and used a powerful water gun in an attempt to cool its raging trainer down.

    Misty stopped in her tracks- soaked to the bone- and slumped to the ground.

    But Ducklett wasn't finished yet, it continued by sending a huge gust of wind down to Misty.

    Misty sat shivering. "W-w-wow, this d-duck is s-s-strong, not another Psy- ACHOO! STOP IT!" She screamed.

    Ducklett obeyed Misty's command but still stayed high enough in the air in case Misty tried to attack it again.

    Misty let out a sigh of relief before rubbing her freezing arms and looking up at her new Pokemon. She may have lost the swan but this Pokemon didn't seem too bad. "Hey Pokemon, come down here." She wished that she had Ash with her with the Pokedex to tell her what this Pokemon was. But then again, if he was with her, the greedy Pokemon Trainer would try to capture the Pokemon instead. That was one of the many things that annoyed her about him, that whenever she wanted to catch a Pokemon- which was basically only one type- he always wanted it instead.

    Better just catch all the Pokemon I can before I meet up with him. She thought and realized her Pokemon had still not budged. "Come down here! I'm sorry I tried to hit you." She called up to Ducklett.

    "Duck…" It looked hesitant.

    "Come on, I won't hurt you. I promise." She made her voice sound reassuring.

    "Ducklett…" It flew down slowly, eyes fixed on the mallet and body tensed as if ready to flee again.

    Misty followed its gaze and put the mallet away, making a little less tense. She kneeled down in front of it and held her hand out gently. "I'm sorry that I got so mad at you, I was just upset. Friends?" Misty apologized a lot more now since her sisters forced her to be more polite… but that doesn't mean she was any less stubborn, hot headed or loud mouthed- just polite when she had to be.

    Ducklett looked up at Misty and seemed to be reassured by her smile so it hopped on her hand and slowly climbed up her arm until it reached her shoulder.

    "Want to ride up there for a while?" Misty asked and pat its head.

    Ducklett flinched at first but relaxed when it finally decided that it could trust its trainer now. "Ducklett!" It cawed and flapped its wings.

    "Ducklett… Is that what you're called?" Misty asked and rubbed under its beak. "Duck Duck!" It nodded happily.

    "Azuu Azurill!" Azurill cried happily as it bounced up to Misty.

    Misty smiled and picked Azurill up in her arms. "Let's keep going." She pulled out her Pokeball. "Return Staryu." She recalled it , put the Pokeball away and continued down the road. She paused at a sign that said "Accumula Town."

    "Take your time getting your next gym badge," she said quietly. "because I'm coming Ash."
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