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Name: Mako Reese

Nickname: Creed (Synchronized)



Appearance: Mako is somewhat tall for his age. He wears a beanie that covers most of his jet black hair, though some of it hangs down in the back. He wears a gray striped sweatshirt and carries a pair of earphones around his neck. Mako has light brown skin and green eyes. He wears jean shorts and rubber sandals. His face naturally shows signs of fatigue due to his embattled mind. On his hands are black wool gloves, which he uses as a pillow when he has no place to sleep. His sandals are slightly worn, and his dark blue socks are covered with brown stains from the mud he has trekked through. His hands are small, yet his fingernails are slightly grown out in the case that he needs to use them for combat. His arms make him seem frail due to their thinness, but his legs are toned as a result of his nomadic lifestyle and lack of transport. He is thin, but not so much that he is underweight. On his back is a medium-sized black school backpack.

Personality: Naturally, Mako is a gentle, passive soul, but after being possessed by Kraus, who often speaks devilish commands and thoughts to him, his innocent mind went into turmoil. Generally, he likes to be around others because Kraus' voice is suppressed, but do to his mind being on the brink of instability, he tends to scare most normal people away. Mako loves to read, and because of this he carries around several large books in his backpack; he specifically carries around large books because if he finishes all of his books he knows that he will be coerced by Kraus into stealing more. Mako is still passive, and avoids fighting when he can, but if he is threatened and scared to a certain point and he is forced to fight, he synchronizes with Kraus. While Mako seems frail, he harbors a surprising amount of willpower, he has to; Krause is his antithesis, and if Mako lets his guard down he will take the place of Mako's soul, killing Mako and leaving Kraus in the care of Mako's body. Thus, Mako has become more courageous and emotionally stronger to prevent such a happening.

History: Mako lived in a small house in the city of Pastoria with his mother, his father had not been present during his life at home. Mako was an adventurous boy, but he was never allowed to go to far from home. His mother, Ren, was a fishing woman who relied on her catch of the day to feed herself prior to Mako's birth. As time went on and as the virus spread, Mako's mother caught less and less fish, often not being able to bring home enough food for herself, resulting in her not being able to eat. Eventually Mako was born, which inflated the already near fatal problem for her and her newborn son. She was too pure to kill her son and too kindhearted to steal from others (which was also a matter of logic, as if she started to steal then Pastoria would just become a cesspool of crime and villainy). Still, she had to eat, so she was forced to resort to some less than reputable means of obtaining sustenance. She heard about a farm that harvested stolen berry seeds of all types. It was hidden, and very few people knew of it. She decided to start purchasing the illegal berries for what were almost exorbitant prices, and thus had to work three jobs. This tore Mako up as he got older and started to understand that, from what he'd learned from books, having more than two jobs wasn't normal, so he started looking for alternative means of obtaining food. One day, Mako heard some kids talking about a wealth of Feebas that were located in Mt.Coronet. Mako knew a lot about Pokemon as, although he'd never seen one, he had read about them in books, and because Ren was a fishing woman previously, she would greatly appreciate his venture. Mako quickly ran into his house and grabbed his mother's old harpoon and immediately left for Mt.Coronet. Once he arrived at the site where he heard the spring was located he looked left and right for Feebas. That's when it happened. The mountain started to shake, and debris and boulders started to fall all around him. The mountain was collapsing. Mako lost all hope and simply closed his eyes, a tendency he had when he got scared. Then all was quiet. Mako opened his eyes to see an incredible sight, a giant crystal. Mako started towards it, when a dark creature ran into him and entered his body. Mako's head started to hurt uncontrollably, and the commandments burned into his mind. The pain overcame Mako, and he blacked out. When he came to, he was being dragged away with a bag over his head.


Species: Deino

Nickname: Kraus

Personality: Kraus is a malicious spirit that preys on Mako's innocence. He cares not for Mako, but insists that he does in in an attempt to make Mako let his guard down and take his body, though it never works. He's a charismatic being that uses said charisma to influence Mako into doing various acts, as well as to drive Mako's mind into further turmoil. He is generally blissful, and is also very much a sadist and masochist.

Moves: Thief (Synchronized), Dark Pulse (Synchronized), Crunch (Synchronized), Dragon Breath, Headbutt

Other: Because he harbors so much hate for Kraus and resents him, Mako can't actively merge with Kraus. For them to be able to merge, Mako must (at least temporarily) accept Kraus and leave behind the resentment he holds for him. The problem with this is that Mako knows that if he lets down his guard Kraus will indeed take over his body. Even still, there are certain circumstances when they do merge, but because Mako worries what might happen if Kraus lets out his full power do to his malicious mindset, he is only able to use about three fourths of his full strength and is unable to use Dark-Type moves. Instead, he must synchronize with Kraus to be able to use them as well, as well as to utilize his full strength. When synchronized, his hair grows down to his nose, he becomes temporarily blind, and his skin gains a subtle blue tinge. He becomes two to three times stronger than he is normally, and his senses of hearing, smell, and most of all, touch sensitivity, all increase exponentially. When synchronized Mako goes under the name Creed, an alias created by Mako's slave owner before he died. Creed is a sadistic being that honors charisma and cunning above all else. Slightly masochistic, Creed shows remorse only to those who either show promise or those who are similar to Mako, who he cares for above all else. Because of this, Creed comes of as a character with twisted morals, and in many peaks of his persona he is, but he sees his malignance as a subjective matter. Creed can stay in control of Mako's body for a variable amount of time, depending on certain factors such as Mako's state of mind prior to his synchronization as well as his emotional well being in the same scenario. Mako cannot evolve due to having ingested an Everstone that was crushed up and mixed into some Oran Berry Juice served to him by his slave owner.

Opening Post: When Mako stopped, the bag over his head was removed to reveal a slightly heavy man. "This is your new home," said the man. "By the way, the name's Kalvin, Kalvin Jeer." Mako sat up and looked directly ahead to see a small building. Too disoriented to make sense of the situation as well as to ask questions, Mako opened the door to the small building. Inside was a bed, a fireplace, a dresser, and a bookshelf. Without saying a word, Mako made his way over to the bed and promptly fell asleep. The next day, he woke up to the sound of a chirping Pidgey- or what he thought was one, when actuality it was an alarm clock on the dresser next to his bed. He slapped the top of the alarm clock and it became silent. He sat up, rubbed his eyes, and looked around. This...isn't my room, he thought to himself. He then recalled the events of the previous night and became scared. He started to panic, and when he realized that that wouldn't help the situation, he became calm.

The door to his room hit the wall, creating a loud, metallic sound. "Okay, time to get to work," Kalvin said in a rather chipper manner.

"Um...where am I?" Mako asked. "Do you know what happened to my mom?"

"Oh, don't worry about that," the man replied. "As of today, I'm all the family you'll need. This is your new home." Mako's eyes widened and he became almost statue-like. Before long, the man grabbed Mako and brought him outside. "Okay, get to work," he said as he threw a hoe at Mako. What's happening? Work? This farm needs at least five people to take care of, he thought. He looked up at Kalvin with whimpering eyes, and Kalvin's expression turned from blissful to disgusted. Kalvin left without saying a word, and Mako picked up the hoe and started tilling the field.

Weeks passed and Mako started to realize that this was the "slavery" thing he learned about. As time went on the slave owner treated Mako worse and worse. Most of the food went to Kalvin, though Mako didn't starve; Kalvin gave Mako enough that he wouldn't go hungry. Kalvin didn't feel he needed to appease Mako anymore because he had established himself as Mako's only home, drilling into his head that he would not be able to leave or else he would die. Mako believed this from the depths of his heart, and never attempted to leave. Because of this, any anger Kalvin felt for whatever reason he took out on Mako. In time Mako started to hate Kalvin.

On a cold Sunday afternoon after having been beaten one day, Mako repeated to himself the words, "I hate Kalvin, I HATE Kalvin". In reply, a disembodied voice said, "Well then why don't you just go ahead and kill him?" Mako looked around to find the voice, asking who it was. "Name's Kraus, at your service." He said in a rather casual and mellow tone. "Now about this pickle you- or should I say, we find ourselves in, just kill the man and be done with it."

"I won't kill him, no matter what."

"Fine then, but at the very least let me help with the farm, you look like you need a rest."

"O-okay..." Mako said, still unsure of if he should trust this unknown entity. Suddenly, everything went dark. Mako picked up the hoe and headed for the slave owner's house. Mako knocked on the door, and Kalvin answered.

"What do you want?" He said in a disgusted tone. "I told you to get back to work! Those bruises are nothing." Mako then took the hoe, brought it behind his head, and planted it into Kalvin's chest.

"Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Kalvin yelled, blood splattering in every direction. Mako started laughing uncontrollably.

"Cree, what a hilarious cry", Mako said, still laughing hysterically. "Y'know dad, I like that name. Creed! What a wonderful name! I'm thankful for that alone, if nothing else!" Kalvin drifted away into the River Styx and once his eyes closed, Creed left the farm, setting fire to it on departure.
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