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Valorie Ryder - Academy Hallways

Valorie's expression showed irritation at the tone Drake was taking with her. She wanted to wipe that smug look clean off his face. If Valorie realized he was trying to provoke her she didn't show it, or perhaps just didn't care. The intent really didn't change the impact in this scenario, did it? Certainly not to her it didn't. Nobody treated /her/ that way! Nobody! After a brief moment of hesitation, as if she honestly had trouble agreeing to such simple things as 'Move outside before our pokemon destroy the school with their superpowers.' After a moment though she seemed to resign herself to this, unwillingly.


Without another word she turned and started moving towards doors that marked the exit of the academy, or at least one of the exits. There were plenty across the academy where convenient. Assumedly with Drake following or even rushing to move ahead of her Valorie would proceed outside, stepping out into the sun's rays and gathering some distance between herself and the building behind her before finally stopping and turning to face Drake expectantly. She was silently considering her choice of pokemon. If this man was a dragon master her Mamoswine would probably be a good choice, but on the other hand she could hear him mocking her for not using her dragons already. Mamoswine also lacked the amount of training her other pokemon had. Perhaps Charizard was close enough? She had no type advantage there though. Choices, choices...


It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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