what does this box do

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I was bored and tried making a Gen. V only team. It works pretty well for me actually :D Movepools I just got off the Internet, I think it has a pretty okay type coverage.

@ Chesto Berry
Quiver Dance
Bug Buzz
Firey Dance

It does pretty well. Even though I haven't leveled it up enough for it to learn Bug Buzz and Fiery Dance, it still rocks. Boost with Quiver Dance, use Rest, murder things with full HP and no status and 6 Quiver Dances. I use it as a lead but I'm pretty bad at competitive battling so I'm probably doing it wrong :(

@ nothing because I'm on the subway to get BP for a life orb which I don't have yet
- Draco Meteor
- Earthquake
- some offensive move
- why can't I remember this

This would possibly make a better lead but I don't care. Hydreigon rocks and it has all these ridiculous moves and I love it.

@ Leftovers if I had any
- Scald
- Ice Beam
- Toxic
- Recover

This is my annoying wall thing. Usually I just let it poison everything and use Recover a lot. Ice Beam/Scald come in really handy when it needs type coverage though.

I think I'm too amateuristic for this.
Hello! I'm a noob!