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    Originally Posted by teejermiester View Post
    The only thing that we can really do to help "baby hacks" is to encourage them, like we do with every single one. It's unfortunate that we can't do more, but the final say goes to the person making the Hack whether or not it finishes.

    Another thing is that while a great majority of Hack Players enjoy hacks like Fuligin and Snakewood, a great majority of actual PC identities do not. They want a hardcore pokemon game, not a comic relief game with decent mapping and a humerous storyline. Thats why you can see a lot of one-or-two-posters on POkemon Fuligin's page.

    And if you really wanted help, I could do some maps or scripts for you...
    Thank you, teejermister. I'd appriciate that alot. I understand what you mean. Sorry it's just my personality I always feel the need to speak whatever's on my mind in everything lol. I'll get back to the topic of the thread.