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Lucia Francisco Bernavard

"...Didn't we already pass this rock formation before?" Lucia asked. Samuel stopped and stared at the formation for a bit before sighing and pointing down another path. Lucia's watch said they had been down here for thirty minutes... but it felt like hours. They had tried so many paths, some of them leading deeper into the caves... some just leading them around in circles. Luckily the few pokemon they came across were too weak to seriously harm Samuel or Tyro, or they just took off in a frightened run. They were lucky, but if they didn't find their way out soon then it would just be that much harder to go on.

Lucia stopped, "Alright, we're taking a break." Lucia only had a little bit of food in her pack, just granola bars and the like, but it was important for all of them to just eat a bit.

Samuel sighed, "Tyro, you have any idea where we are?"

"Nope!" Came the cheerful Combusken's reply. Tyro looked over and smiled, "Hey, don't be so down dude! We'll get out of here! We've already gone through so many tunnels, so we'll have to come across the one that will let us out sooner or later."

Samuel simply huffed and looked over at Lucia, "You know, it may very well be on my watch that she perishes... I should have stopped us from coming in here."

Tyro popped the last of his granola into his mouth, "Like I said, don't sweat it dude! We'll get out of here and come back prepared next time! We'll get through this cave and make an awesome story to tell any dudes we come across!"

Samuel chuckled, "Perhaps you are right Tyro."

Tyro led the group through more tunnels and stopped dead in his tracks. He pointed off to the side to a whole group of sleeping Geodudes and Gravelers. Lucia nodded and spoke in a whisper, "Let's get around them." The three slowly creeped around through the area, every so often stopping when one of the rock-types moved in their sleep. It was going swell... until Tyro accidentally stepped right on a Geodude. The rock pokemon's eyes flashed open as he looked right at Tyro. The Geodude then gave out a loud cry as the rest of the group began to rouse from sleep. "Run!" Lucia shouted as Tyro grabbed her yet again. The group took off, having a few seconds head start before the rock-type ran after them. With Lucia resting on Tyro's shoulder she was able to see behind them and saw the distance from the group was steady decreasing. "Run faster!" She cried.

The group turned a corner and Samuel saw a small amount of light spilling from the end of the long tunnel. "Light!" Samuel cried and they ran right down the tunnel. The rock group was slightly delayed at the corner but it didn't matter as they emerged from the opening... onto a platform. Samuel stopped just in time before he went over the edge. Tyro gasped, "What do we do!?"

"Tyro, let me down!" The Combusken obliged and Lucia quickly returned the two to their pokeballs and released Roberto from his. She took a quick glance behind and saw the rock-types were almost through the tunnel. "Roberto, fly us down!" The Scizor grabbed Lucia and jumped off the platform just as the the first Geodude made it through the tunnel. A strong wind blew out and Roberto spread out his wings and glided along the breeze. Lucia giggled, "That was close!"

Roberto just grunted and shook his head as he steered himself along the wind and finally came to rest upon the path that led to the mountain. The Scizor put down Lucia who brushed off some of the dirt her workout clothes she had acquired in the caves. "Alright. That was an enlightening experience." She said. Lucia looked down at her watch. "Well, we should get going back to the dorms then." She walked down the path with Roberto following her closely.
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