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    (Physically and Mentally 7 Years Old.)


    Amethyst is a very young girl; therefore, her features resemble such. She has pale skin, unrealistically beautiful red hair (after her fusion), to which she simply wears in a ponytail, with bangs fallen to each side of her face. Ever since her fusion, her eyes became heterochromic. On the right, her natural, soft blue eye, as blue as crystallized ice. On the left, her eye matches that of her Spirit Pokémon; a slit pupil, with a ruby-red iris. Of course, when happy, her eye takes a much softer tone, making her red eye much more gentle. At night, both of her eyes glow in that same red color. On top of this, she wears a forehead tiara with a yellow gem centered over her forehead. She generally wears dark blue clothes, usually with some form of red to match her eye over them. Her teeth are sharper than normal, and at times people have seen her to have claws, even though her hands are normal.

    Amethyst is sweet, like a small girl should be. She knows how to have fun, even in the post-apocalyptic world they now live in. However kind and gentle she seems, she does take interest in pulling gags and pranks. Her top three priorities, in order, are Survival, Family, and Fun. Of course, with no actual family left, she has lived a free life (more explained in History section). She saves her second priority for any close friends, which at the moment, is none. Even then, she doesn't give up. She somehow remains happy even through hard times.

    Amethyst is still very young, so there wasn't too much history before what happened to the world. She lived a quiet life, playing with her best friend, a Sneasel named Blade. Her parents watched as Amethyst and Blade grew together, and Sneasel had evolved after the genocide of Pokémon. Amethyst was deeply saddened after this happened. As people began to vanish, her parents rushed her to Mt. Coronet, after she continually mumbled about it in her sleep. Her mother had prayed at the Shrine of Celebi in Johto, and Celebi had granted her the wish, to send Amy back in time, to a world where the virus no longer existed, and pokemon and people lived happily. She was sent through time, 100 years later; hoping to send her to a safe world where she could be happy, Celebi did quite the opposite, because of the virus' effect on Pokemon, who no longer had to obey humans. Amy was transported to a mountain, the same mountain she had been placed on. She awoke on Coronet, unsure of exactly why she was there, or what happened to the world. There, she was infused with a Pokéspirit. However, when she returned home, she couldn't find any of her family. A cruelly lying spirit wielder told her that they had gone away to an oasis, a utopia where food was limitless and people were kind. Since then, Amy has been in search of them, and the wonderful place. Of course, there is no such place; and no one has had the heart to tell her that her parents had died the same night she vanished the mountain. Of course, if she ever mentioned her father's name, Sigmund Yula, people would know that he's dead; he was one of the scientists behind the virus. He found his daughter's Sneasel to be a bad influence on her, another reason to separate Pokémon from humans. Many people hated her because of her father, so she knew her only friend had to be her Pokéspirit, Blade the Weavile.

    Pokéspirit Species:

    Pokéspirit Name:

    Pokéspirit Sex:

    Pokéspirit Age:
    (3 Years older than Amethyst. He acts more like an angry teenager, though.)

    Pokéspirit Personality:
    Blade can be mischievous, and often unforgiving. His fusion with Amy was the cause for the darker side of her personality: pranking, revenge, and hatred. Blade's strong personality spreads to Amethyst, which causes most people to see her as having a bipolar personality: a light, kind and caring side, and a dark, cruel and hating side. During battle, Blade's spirit causes her to never forfeit, even in a battle she would surely lose. Blade wants to keep Amy safe, and is determined to use fighting skill to defend her. However, sometimes Amy's side wins, and she solves problems by either talking her way out of it, or by getting away with her childish innocence. One thing's for certain, Amy can talk her way out of many situations. Blade, on the other hand, takes his approach in a much more violent manner.

    Agility (Sneasel LV24)
    Revenge (Weavile Start)
    Fury Swipes (Weavile LV21)
    Night Slash (Weavile LV38)
    Ice Beam (Technical TM13)
    Focus Blast (Technical TM52)

    Weavile Traits that empower Amy:

    Eggs - Weavile have a love for eggs. However, in the no-Pokémon world, the only opportunity for eggs would be if they were created by a move (As in, Chansey's "Softboiled" move, or something of the sort)

    Agility - Weavile are very agile and one of the fastest Pokémon to ever exist. This is passed on to Amy as well.

    Dark Pulses and Night Slashes - Powers of Dark are given to Amy.

    Icy Winds and Blizzards - Ice-cold powers are handed down to Amy.

    Tundras - Amy likes snow and cold, if there's even any left in the world.

    Trickery - Amy now enjoys pranks and the like.

    Bipolar - Due to hers and Blade's distinct personalities, people often think she's bipolar.

    Opening Post:

    *Growlllllllll* Amethyst looked down to her stomach. I need something to eat, and soon... She had gone though about a month of training under Blade, and somehow, she kept managing to find berries or plants to eat. Today, she wasn't so lucky. She weaved her way through the dense trees, looking for a plant, a berry, something she could eat. However, her search came up dry. With a sigh, she sprinted out of the forest. This fusion comes in handy... I'm running so fast, without even breaking a sweat! Just be careful, Amy... People here are changed, they wouldn't hesitate to-- "I know, I know, eat me. You told me the whole story already. Don't worry... I can get out of it." She smiled, and squinted.

    One of the towns was nearby. "Ooh! Maybe there's food there!" He proceeded in a warning tone, Amyyyy... She scowled a bit. "Ugh, Blade... I know, I know, I know... Please trust me." ... She took his silence as a 'yes', and looked ahead. However, since she had been sprinting the entire time, she neglected to see the upcoming building, plowing a hole right through it and crashing into someone in the process. Dizzily, she growled slightly at Blade. "That was not funny, Blade..." Laughter was his reply. Amy, you need to pay attention. This was only a lesson for you to learn. You're going to have to take things seriously and grow up if you want to survive. She stood up, and looked apologetically up at the girl she just T-boned while going past the speed limit ran into at full sprint. She was abusing her child-like looks by using them to her advantage. At the same time, she was talking at a rather quick pace. "I-I'm sorry, miss, you see, I was out and about when I saw this city, so I came in to look, but then Blade started talking to me and got me all distracted and before I knew it I--" *GROOWWWWWWLLLLLLLLL* Oh wonderful. Now I'm just a 'mouth to feed'...

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