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    My signature lists the Pokemon I have at this moment, including their movesets and a few things that are notable about them - I might be able to pull up more information if asked. While it may change as I progress, I would like to point out that each of my 3 team members were level 10s at the time I created this thread.

    The reason this is my team, and the reason I don't have my starter, is because I am challenging myself to challenge the 8 Sinnoh Gyms with Magikarp at the helm and all Pokemon I caught before it (luckily, only my starter) released. (I'll engage in the formal level 1 Magikarp Pokemon League challenge when I get to it.)

    I have not yet challenged Roark. My Pokemon are currently at a disadvantage; do you have any suggestions for how I could improve this brand-new team prior to defeating the first Diamond gym?

    (Yes, I intend to use a particular training method to get Magikarp to level 15 before I do much else. No, I do not intend to evolve it.)
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