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When I'm catching Pokemon (only when I RNG them) I always take: Parasect (Spore, False Swipe, Swords Dance, Sweet Scent), a synchronizer (usually Abra with Teleport or Xatu with Fly), two Chatots and (if the Pokemon I want is ghost or when surfing) Kabutops (Swords Dance, False Swipe, Foresight, Surf). I have them in all three generations (all but Chatot). If the the route to the Pokemon I need requires many HMs, I always try to get those in HGSS when I can easily put both Chatots to box and take HM slaves, or in DPPt where I can use journal flips and only one Chatot. If it's not a ghost, I just box my Kabutops, but I had hard times RNGing my Misdreavus in HG ;x

When breeding, I have my Flygon and Camerupt in Emerald, Magmortar and Swablu in HGSS and Litwick with two Chatots in BW. I avoid breeding with Ditto, unless I don't need any egg moves.

When it comes to roamers, I hit them hard until they're at low HP, then I use False Swipe, then I use my 0 IV Speed Brave Tangrowth with Zoom Lens and use Block, then Sleep Powder (89% Accuracy is neat) and finally, I spam with balls until my Pokemon is caught :3

I also have very messy boxes... I found ~15 RNGed Pokemon between my randoms in HG >...<" How about your boxes?

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