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Since I own French and Japanese games, I stopped using pokecheck as parent Pokemon database. Sometimes, I'm to lazy to Pal Park my Pokemon, so I use Pokecheck to do it. I also check if I EVed my mons correctly and I check legality of pokes I get in trades. That's all, I guess.

Pokecheck is deffo an useful tool, but it also make people lazy. I enjoy battles with Pokemon I breed/caught on my own or were RNG abused for me, rather than winning with some free randoms with no story behind them. I would also get really upset if I lose to someone with a fully Pokecheck'd team. If you don't want to learn RNG, just stick to PO.

I also think that Pokecheck kills trading.
- Hey, I couldn't find anything interesting in your thread, but you could breed a <breeding project info here> and we could trade.
- Sorry for trouble, but I found the same Pokemon on Pokecheck and I got it for free.

I've been in a situation like this a few times. It's sad...

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