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    Name: Pokémon: Volcano Red
    Platform: PC/RMXP

    Info: So, Hey Guys!! It's me Nintendork15, the guy no one likes.
    I know you've all seen my 'Varion!' Thread, I am still working on that, but I'm also working on this here so.
    This, pretty much is and will remain a Pokémon Red Re-Remake.
    I want to do one, because all the 'Kanto' remakes I see, aren't as good as they could be, like maps are ripped from HGSS, making less original.
    I'm trying to put as much Custom Graphic in as possible but essentially it will be a HGSS Style.

    Welcome to the World of Pokémon! What are Pokémon? Pokémon are cute, tough, strong, fun, little or giant creatures that live in our world with us, with over 151 to pick, anyone can travel and bond with them, and now it's your turn, You've turned 11 and now can recieve your pokémon from the Famous Professor Oak. Along your way you'll witness great fights, create wonderful bonds with pokémon, and fight evil which ever side it may lay on, but most of all, become the Ultimate Champion and ... Catch Them All!


    Extra Pokémon to be Caught
    Since I'm only doing a Red Re-Remake and not a Green one to go with it, extra pokémon will be catchable in different routes to make as many as possible catchable. For example, In Route 1, you have a 65% of coming across Rattatas and Pidgeys, and now a 35% of Pikachus Caterpies and Weedles.

    HGSS styled Dungeons
    Any naturally made dungeons like Viridian Forest, and Mt. Moon which somehow magically changed from the time zone of FR/LG to HG/SS will be mapped and presented as they were shown in HG/SS. Of course this'll mean in some caves I have to add more areas for various people to show up at *Team Rocket*

    Visit Kanto, Johto & the Sevii Islands
    Pretty Self Explainatory if I'm honest. Like in the original FR/LG you get to visit the Sevii Islands after beating Blaine's Gym. But after the Indigo League has been defeated you can venture onward to the Johto Region, 3 years before it's debut.

    Stop the Evil Team Rockets
    The Region is not safe these days with Team Rocket and it's Mafia like activity.

    More Natural looking Maps
    All the maps will be revamped into a more natural look way, like trees planted in less block formations and the same with water and grass.

    A New Rival
    Upon your first entry to Viridian City, a lovely young girl named Elsa challenges you to a casual Pokémon battle, afterwards she reveals her intentions of becoming Pokémon Champion, and deems rivalry with you.

    Two new Islands
    Within my hacking days looking in the fire red roms, I found 2 maps one called '' Sevii Isle 8'' and the other ''Sevii Isle 9'' which gave me the idea to add Eight Island and Nine Island to Volcano Red. Just for funs.

    Stop the Evil Team X's Return.
    It's been many years since Team X have been spotted in the Septi Region, it appears the admins escaped to Kanto and the Sevii islands, to rebuild and reek havoc, to prove their worth to the Boss of Team X, will they succeed? Or will you thwart there plans again ?


    Pallet Town

    Route 1 & Viridian City

    Wild Pokémon

    Things to note I need to do:
    1. Need to replace Lucas Overworld
    2. Need to map and script up to Mt. Moon
    3. Need to make sprites for Team X, Rivals 1 & 2, and Red.
    4. Make New Titlescreen
    5. Make new Battle Backdrops.

    Nintendork15 - Team Leader, Mapper, Sound Design, Scripter, Spriter
    ElsaRingTail - Sound Design
    KhKramer - Logo/Banner Design
    Pokémon*Diamond - Various Tiles
    Nintendo/GameFreak - Sprites, Tiles, Making and Remaking R/B/Y

    [None as of Yet!]
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