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Castle Forge is a voxel based game, after 7 months I decided to revive this using much faster algorithms and a better scripting front.

The gameplay is mostly sandbox styled (eg. Destroy and build using block voxels) but unlike minecraft, I shall add different voxel types (spheres, wedges, steps, ect.) to make the terrain look a little more realistic (yes, I do realize that minecraft has steps in it.)


Well currently a VERY large map and a large fps (around usually over 100 fps) (the map size I use currently is 256x256x256)
Added a "chunking" system (chunking means breaking the map into smaller peices (32x32x32 in my case and half that for minecraft (excluding the Y factor which is 256) )) this makes the game rendering much more easier to render meaning more speed!




This small video is worth more than a thousand images (but is slightly outdated (eg. taken this morning and uploaded earlier) ) but I have implemented a day/night system since then!

NOTE: Since I had hyper cam running (which really slows my computer down for some reason) the fps dropped down more than it should



The next four are some images of day and night:

Some more screens (except with water):

Hansiec -- All the scripting done (minus that of what visual c++ 2010 express includes and what ogre includes)
NoisePP -- Perlin Methods

Help Needed:
None for now

Current release: Version 1.0 Beta (Old beta)
Note: This is old, but is left out for anyone who is interested in what it did look like.
Download here:
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