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Bug: Volcarona? I dunno
Dark: Mightyena Puppppy~ I love that cute little collie face.
Dragon: Axew omg so much win
Electric: Pichu Just. Pichu. Shut up I'm not weird
Fighting: Lucario I hate most fighting types so it's pretty much the only one I can stand.
Fire: Cyndaquil Again, just because it's cute <3
Normal: Pidove It's evos are fugly but this one is cute.
Ghost: Gengar Just something about it...
Ground: Swampert I dunno all of the others suck
Ice: Lapras I can't think of one right now.
Flying: Chatot Cute and fun to watch . It can speak so that's another bonus.
Poison: Crobat Something about it too...
Psychic: Mime Jr. I know one that I like but can't think of it so I'm gonna go with one that I like.
Rock: Omanyte He's good enough.
Steel: Metagross Because all 'dem are fugly and Lucario is already taken.
Water: Oshawott Oh yesssss cute win win omg omg
did u no there r 21 letters in the alphabet
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