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    Originally Posted by Logiedan View Post
    That's like saying "Hey Game-Freak, why make another Pokemon game with these features if there is a rom-hack/fan-game with them?"

    It's a great way to expand your coding language and to start off, and although I don't know much about game development and coding myself, it looks great. I'm even surprised you managed to replicate the game concept and design of Minecraft with GameMaker.
    Well, how do you even know if Game Freak knows that some of these amazing (I mean amazing because I think our community has far surpassed and succeeded the official games) games/ROM hacks even exist? Sure, a member of the team could have viewed this site, or for all I know anyone of the PC members could be a team member of Game Freak. Now, yes, it is a great way to start off programming/coding/scripting/etc. But, at first glance, this looked like a project aiming to be an exact replica. But, as the creator stated, he originally intended this to be a sandbox style game. I applaud the creator for that. But, Game Freak hasn't even come close to the features our community has implemented. If Game Freak were to think about not creating another Pokémon game because a hack or development already had those features, they wouldn't care because it doesn't bring in money. Sure, it's a slap on the face and suggest that they make something better. Though they couldn't know if these fangames exist, they still make Pokémon games because they are for lucrative purpose. Since the fangames don't bring in money, they will continue making their own. Unlike Game Freak, the Minecraft team already has an official modding API. In this sense, they support modding, whereas Game Freak frowns upon it.

    With that aside, it is amazing that the creator was able to recreate block sandbox physics into GameMaker. It is easily the best I've seen yet with the exception of third-person free-roam games on the program's website.

    Lastly, for suggestions on features, I would like to see the following:
    -Fully customizable character (define head/torso/pants/shoes/etc.)
    -More randomly generated structures (like castles/shops/underground villages)
    -Minigames (Not sure what exactly, but maybe something like defending a castle from a zombie invasion)

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