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    Battle, Eterna City

    Protecting a Possible Friend

    Unexplained Slashing

    Yula, Amethyst

    A bit of hope bubbled up in Amy's heart as the girl actually smiled and reached out a hand toward her. Yes... Someone who accepts me...! She felt like crying at this point, as she'd been lonely for so long, and this was a first step towards a family... Or at least a friend. She needed the affection and attention, because loneliness leads to insanity, and Blade wasn't helping in that case. However, the other girl came up and stole the mouth power! That... Didn't settle well with Amethyst. The girl then lunged at her new friend, looking ready to battle once more.

    With a suddenly enraged voice, Amethyst screamed at the attacker, "GET AWAY FROM HER!!" In an instant, she was at full sprint, literally moving so quickly that she could hardly be seen. When she reached the attacking girl, she swung a fist, aiming for her side. She knew her speed would make this nearly unblockable, as well as make it much more powerful, getting hit from such a high speed. When she threw the punch, she just barely missed the girl's side, by a mere inch or two. She halted to a stop about seven feet from the two, facing the girl she just struck out at. "Dang it, I miss--"

    She stopped herself, watching as the girl's side, where she could have sworn she'd missed, it began to stain her clothing with blood. If she'd looked, she'd see three deeply gashing claw marks indented into her side. Instinctively, Amy looked at her hands but... No claws. W-what the... How... She was at a loss for words at this point. The swing missed, yet... She was bleeding? Amy was clearly confused, staring down at her own hand with shock. However, she quickly sped to a battle pose in front of her friend. She was determined to protect her, in case that girl would keep fighting. "If you want to touch her you'll have to get through me first!" She gave that girl a mean look, a sinister glare preparing for the possibility of a counter-attack. You'd better walk away, she thought to herself, waiting for this girl's next move.

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