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    Chapter 2: Revealing the Shadow

    “Okay, so it looks like Garnet City is about ten miles away.” Touya stated as he looked at his map.

    “Are you kidding me?” Hiroshi complained, his arms and head hanging down as he walked, “I’m starving!”

    They were walking through a forest trail to Garnet City, and after the first ten minutes Hiroshi started complaining.

    “Well, it’s not my fault you didn’t bring anything to eat.” Touya said.

    “What with the way that you eat, I thought you would’ve brought it.” Hiroshi retorted.

    But, amidst their arguing, they didn’t see a pair of red eyes staring at them through the bushes. Suddenly, the pair of eyes whirled away, hearing something heading its way. It leaped out of the bushes, making itself known to Hiroshi and Touya.

    It looked like a blue bipedal Jackal with two black appendages hanging from either side of its head. It also had a black coloration over its eye area and its legs were colored black, and finally it had two metal-like plates over its wrists.

    “What’s that Pokemon?” Touya wondered, aiming his Pokedex at it.

    “Riolu. The Emanation Pokemon. It has the peculiar power of being able to see emotions such as joy and rage in the form of waves.”

    “Sounds like a cool Pokemon. Right, Hiroshi?” Touya asked his friend.

    His friend didn’t answer, just staring at the Riolu.

    “Um, Hiroshi?” Touya waved a hand in front of Hiroshi’s face.

    “A-a-a-a-a Sh-Sh-Sh-Shadow Pokemon!” he yelled, pointing at the Riolu.

    “What?! But how?! Shadow Pokemon are gone!” Touya screeched in disbelief.

    “All I know is that I see a purplish aura around that Riolu!”

    “Wait...You can see it?!”

    “You mean that you can’t?”

    Suddenly, a strange man burst from the underbrush. He had a black metallic suit on that covered his entire body with two strange leaf-like things on either shoulder.

    “Riolu, get back here!” he yelled at the Riolu.

    The Riolu growled in defiance.

    “Aw, come on! You’re supposed to be a Shadow Pokemon, and yet you do not obey the orders of your trainer!” the man complained.

    “Hey! Leave Riolu alone!” Touya yelled at the man.

    The man whirled around to face the two boys and laughed, “What’s wrong with a trainer ordering his Pokemon around?”

    “Except it’s not just any Pokemon, is it?! It’s a Shadow Pokemon!” Hiroshi yelled.

    “Wha-How can you see it?!” the man yelled.

    “Sorry, trade secret.”

    “Riolu, Shadow Sphere!” the man ordered the Riolu.

    The Emanation Pokemon just looked away in defiance.

    “Come on, it’s just two kids.” the man said.

    Riolu growled at its so-called trainer.

    “Hey, obviously your Riolu doesn’t like you, so why don’t you just leave it alone?!” Hiroshi yelled.

    “It’s a Shadow Pokemon; it should follow orders!”

    “Well, obviously, it isn’t, so don’t waste your time on it!” Touya exclaimed.

    “Why you-All right, if it’s a battle you want, it’s a battle you’ll get! Go, Natu and Blitzle!” the man hurled two Pokeballs into the air.

    A small, green bird-like Pokemon and a infant zebra-like Pokemon appeared. The bird had a huge body in comparison with its legs and red wings. And the mane of the zebra was in the shape of a lightning bolt.

    “Either of them Shadow Pokemon?” Touya asked Hiroshi.

    “No, but they look tough. We better be careful.” Hiroshi said before tossing his Pokeball into the air, “Go, Oshawott!”

    “Come on out, Tepig!” Touya yelled as he tossed his Pokeball into the air.

    The Sea Otter and Fire Pig Pokemon appeared.

    “Natu, Night Shade!” the ordered the bird.

    The Natu let out a wave of dark light from its eyes, aimed at Tepig.

    “Tepig, quick, dodge it!” Touya ordered the Fire Pig Pokemon.

    Tepig barely leaped out of the way of the Night Shade.

    “Blitzle, Shock Wave!”

    The Electrified Pokemon let out a quick jolt of blue electricity at Oshawott, who was unable to evade in time and got electrocuted, causing it to faint.

    “Oshawott, return.” Hiroshi returned his Oshawott to its Pokeball, “Don’t lose, Touya.”

    “Tepig, Flame Charge!” Touya ordered the Fire Pig.

    Tepig snorted and cloaked itself in flames, charging at Natu.

    “Natu, Destiny Bond.”

    As soon as Tepig collided with Natu, the Little Bird Pokemon’s eyes glowed a sinister purple. Natu fainted, but right after, Tepig became encased in a Purplish Aura, and it fainted as well!

    “What?! How did Tepig faint?” Touya exclaimed.

    “Destiny Bond, if used right before the user faints, causes the opposing Pokemon to faint.” the man explained, “But, now that your last Pokemon’s down, and my Blitzle,” the Blitzle snorted menacingly, “is still standing, I think it’s fair to say that you’ve lost.”

    “Tepig, return.” Touya said sadly as Tepig was taken back into its ball.

    But, unknown to the battlers, Riolu was watching. It had watched how Touya and Hiroshi had fought for it, and it leaped in front of Touya.

    It growled at the shocked Blitzle and its ex-trainer.

    “You want to fight with me?” Touya asked the young Jackal-like Pokemon.

    It nodded.

    “All right! Riolu, Force Palm!” Touya ordered.

    Riolu looked confused.

    “Okay, ummm....Quick Attack!” Touya ordered, only to get the same response from Riolu, “Screech? Reversal? Use any attack you know!”

    Suddenly, Riolu’s arms formed into a U-shape and a bunch of purplish aura started to form a sphere in the Pokemon’s hands. It let loose a sphere of shadowy aura at Blitzle and an explosion happened as soon as it collided with the Electrified Pokemon, and when the dust settled, Blitzle fainted.

    “Darn that Shadow Sphere! You useless Pokemon! You don’t even deserve to be a Shadow Pokemon! You too disobedient!” the man yelled at the Riolu.

    The man returned his Natu and Blitzle and brought out a third Pokeball. He put it on the ground and crushed it.

    “You’re on your own now!” and with that, the man ran off.

    Riolu fell to the ground in depression and shock.

    “Hey, Riolu?” Touya put a hand on the Emanation Pokemon’s shoulder.

    The Riolu whirled around to see the smiling face of Touya.

    “You can be my Pokemon if you want.” Touya offered.

    Riolu looked confused for a moment before nodding, and Touya brought out one of his Pokeballs. He tapped it on Riolu’s head and the Emanation Pokemon let itself be taken into the Pokeball and captured.

    “All right! I caught my first Pokemon!” Touya exclaimed in utter joy and held Riolu’s Pokeball in the air.

    “You know,” Hiroshi said as Touya looked at his friend, “If there’s one Shadow Pokemon, there should be a LOT more.”

    “Yeah. But, it seemed that Riolu was able to feel, which I think means that they weren’t completely able to complete the Shadow-Pokemon making process on him.” Touya said.

    “Yeah, it only had a thin line of Aura around it, so I think it might be ready for Purification.” Hiroshi said, “But, the question is, how are we going to Purify it if the Relic Stone is all the way in Orre?”

    “Maybe we’ll be able to find a way here in Unova.” Touya said.

    “I guess we’ve found a use for the Snag Machine after all.” Hiroshi said.

    “Wait, I never said that I would-”

    “Do you really think that we should let these Pokemon suffer? After all that this group is putting them through? Turning them into unfeeling monsters? Are you really going to let that slide by? And the only way to get all of them Purified is to Snag them.” Hiroshi said.

    Touya sighed, “I guess you’re right. Now, come on, we’ve still got only ten miles to Garnet City.”

    “Aw, come on! I’m still hungry!” Touya complained.

    The Battle of Dark and Light
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