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Originally Posted by Trainer Crimson View Post
Ok I have only one question do pokeballs not exist within your version of the pokemon world? I had thought I would find something about that in the training section otherwise a great book
Eh. Poké Balls aren't particularly interesting in terms of what I was doing; I think Coriolanus assumes that the average person is capable of working one. Besides, even if you do use Poké Balls to transport Pokémon, they have to be looked after externally; I presume if you just leave them in there they starve to death or something. Also, if I'd included Poké Balls, people would be asking questions about why such stringent security measures were necessary, and why it's so difficult to transport dangerous Pokémon, because everything could be solved with just a Poké Ball. So basically, I avoided mentioning them for the sake of convenience.


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