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    Kindly note that all Pokémon and several main characters listed in this work of fiction are all trademarks of Gamefreak, Nintendo and Creatures INC. Any resemblance between the events of the fiction and the events of real life is purely co-incidental.

    PG-13 for cartoon violence, reference to alcohol and minor swearing.


    N was almost regretting setting off for a journey for truth. Almost. The thing was, even though he now understood the bond with his Pokémon, Ghetsis's words still rang in his ears... "That was just a convenient lie that I needed to create Team Plasma. Use your head. What's to be gained from letting go of useful things like Pokémon? Certainly, manipulating Pokémon helps people expand their possibilities." He felt bitterly disappointed, however not completely so. He never liked Ghetsis anyway. He was currently plotting Ghetsis's defeat, his mind overwhelmed with a feeling completely alien to him. A feeling called 'anger'. "Be Calm!" said a voice in his head...

    N woke up on his bedroll lazily, still tired from the previous day's excursions. A week had passed since his grand exit from Team Plasma's castle. He silently chuckled, remembering the look on Hilbert's face when he jumped onto his Zekrom back and rode off into the clouds. "Priceless" didn't even come close to describing it. His Pokémon were out as usual, all hustling about, finding some food. His first week in the wild had been tough, to say the least. Even though it was a perfect bonding opportunity with his Pokémon, it was tiring. For instance, his Zekrom practically learnt the move "Outrage", raging about, beating up herds of Pokémon, the first few days of his journey. Its ego had taken quite a thrashing, after losing to Hilbert's Reshiram. He particularly remembered a certain incident, where Zekrom was on the verge of destroying a herd of wild Audino. N had to use every ounce of his concentration to mentally commune with Zekrom.

    "But boss, they called me 'macho'! I'am not a weakling like Machop!"

    "It's meant as a compliment! 'Macho' doesn't mean 'Machop'!"

    "Oh! Sorry boss!"

    N sighed.No wonder he had made national headlines, described as a green haired boy travelling with a black dragon type Pokémon. He had tried to keep a low profile after that. Zekrom had finally gotten over such rages. It was now currently roosting up on Mt. Anthor, waiting for orders from N. After days or rigorous meditation and training, it had finally decided that it was now the best. "You just wait and see Reshiram!" Zekrom said to himself. "I'll pulverize you next time!"

    His Zoroark was the one who had woken him. Being his first companion, N shared a very special bond with Zoroark. They could occasionally read each other's thoughts. N was thankful that he had somebody that he could mentally converse with, in case things got tiresome. He had spent several hours pondering about the relationship between man and Pokémon. He had finally come to a conclusion that the relationship between man and Pokémon depends on the nature of the human and the Pokémon. A devious human tends to make Pokémon unhappy. It was such a pity that N grew up against devious humans. No wonder he had fallen for Ghetsis’s “Ideals”. But all that would be dealt with in due course. Right now he needed information….
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