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    Raike Destan: Human District

    -Raike couldn't help but grin at the the last thing Venius had said about the goddesses liking his kind of person. He may be the most despised person in his district, shunned by humanity, but that didn't mean he was still a man. His smile soon vanished, as he knew he couldn't and would never even think of doing if taking advantage of any woman, he despised that kind of person, and he wouldn't bother getting that close to anyone anyway. He felt somehow that Venius was actually trying to help him, even if he was a god, a young one at that. He began to wonder if gods actually aged or if they just had the ability to change their appearance, because despite the height, Venius looked almost the same age as Raike.

    Still, he had attempted to access Raike's thoughts, he had felt it the hard thump on the outer ring of his mind, surrounded by the walls. He arched a brow in conclusion, leaning forward and taking a pear out of the bowl of fruits, glaring a Venius still.-

    "Watch where your mind wanders, young one, I haven't only been taught to keep people out. Next time you might not only get rebounded. Now, I will not trust you, nor will I forgive your kind for torturing us like a group of animals. I will however be depending on you to get the support from sponsors that I need in order to survive in the arena."

    -He took a bite out of the pear, and in the bite seemed to vanish all the contempt and tenseness that was in Raike's voice only seconds ago, and he grinned.-

    "So what exactly do these goddesses enjoy about so-called "bad boys?"
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