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    Originally Posted by vaporeon7 View Post

    This would be really awesome, even if I would end up having to read a translation. I'd love to know some unknown secrets about my favourite trio.
    That would be so epic! The best would be for the staff to hire an English translator to provide us with subtitles. It would be pure epicness. Now I think I'll create a Twitter account just for listening to this show. I hope it will present more Team Rocket characters such as Madame Boss, Ariana and Miyamoto!!! Well, if it happens that is.

    [Edit] I just tweeted them a request for subs. Do the same!

    [Edit] What the heck does their last tweet mean? It's so weird when google translated! I mean, everything is weird when google translated, but still. lol

    From my interpretation, it means "Good girl. Perushian [Is that a name or did they mean Peruvian?]. The TR employees have gathered. However, in order to complete my mission this is not enough. We need people from the whole world. They need to gather under my command". I think that's what it means-ish. But who the hell is Perushian?

    [Edit] I found a translation. I wasn't too off except that Perushian means Persian. Duh!!!"Good boy, Persian [I don't think that implies Persian is male. The word child is used in Japanese, right?]. Gang members are assembling en masse. However, it is still not enough for the completion of the mission. People around the world. Gather under me."