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    This story is in no way meant to be taken seriously or literally, for it was not written seriously.

    Rated T for moderate Pokemon violence.

    Key: Big numbers are the chapter, while little numbers signify a new verse.

    The Book of Arceus

    1 In the beginning, there was Arceus, who existed alone in the void. And Arceus, lonely as it was, created three Pokemon of lesser power than itself. 2 First was Dialga, keeper of time. 3 Dialga looked upon the void and deemed it too empty. With one roar, time began to flow. 4 The second child of Arceus was Palkia, ruler of space. 5 Palkia looked upon the void, and deemed it too empty. With a mighty shout, space itself was created. 6 The third child of Arceus was Giratina, whom Pokemon call the Renegade. 7 Giratina saw the mighty powers of his siblings, and was jealous. But Giratina kept his silence, waiting for the right time to strike.
    8 Arceus was pleased with his children, but still it found itself lonely. 9 So six more Pokemon were created, this time to create a world for many smaller Pokemon to live on in happiness. 10 First came the three Pokemon call the Regis, who shaped the world out of ice, rock and steel. 11 Then came Groudon and Kyogre, who formed the land and seas, and Rayquaza, who flew high above the world and created the skies.
    12 And finally, with this new world completed, Arceus placed the Pokemon Mew on it. 13 And Arceus was pleased.

    The Corruption of Mew and the Coming of Humanity
    2 Ages past, and soon the species of Mews had spread across the planet. To suit different environments, such as forests and deserts and seas, some Mews transformed into different Pokemon completely. 2 Soon, the Mew species was only a small percentage of Pokemon in the world, but all Pokemon saw the Mews as the leaders of the Pokemon world.
    3 So Giratina came down to the world seeking vengence on Arceus and his brother and sister, Palkia and Dialga. He said to the Mews: "You who think yourselves kings and queens of Pokemon, hear me. 4 Prove to me your power by conquering an entire species of Pokemon. Then I will believe in your power." 5 The Mews were angered by Giratina's challenge, and were determined to prove their power. They set out to an area that housed a group of Pokemon called Shaymin, and without hesitation or remorse, wiped out almost all of them. 6 Then they returned to Giratina, saying: "We have done what you asked of us. Now you must believe in our power."
    7 But Giratina only lauged, and told them: "Soon there will come about a species that is not Pokemon nor deity, and they will try to capture you and take away your freedom. They will be your greatest challenge to overcome. 8 If you can escape their grasps, then I will believe in your power." 9 Then Giratina left for the realm of Arceus, his home, letting his dark prophecy ring in the heads of the Mews.
    10 The Mews were terrified of this news, and immediatly tried to decide how best to defend themselves from this future threat. 11 The Mews said: If we continue to fight other Pokemon, we will grow too stron for the prophesized threat to capture and enslave us." 12 And so began the Age of Wars, where the Mews attacked and killed many Pokemon. And the Mews grew stronger, until they forgot the fast-approaching danger and became obsessed with growing stronger.
    13 Seeing the destruction the Mews were creating, Arceus came down to the Mews and told them: "You who think yourselves kings and queens of Pokemon, hear me. 14 For too long, you and your ancestors have waged war on innocent Pokemon for selfish reasons, and you have already forgotten the danger you tried so hard to avoid. 15 I tell you now that that which your ancestorsdreaded is now upon you." 16 And Arceustransformed the Mews into a species that was not Pokemon nor deity. These were the humans, which the Renegade Giratina had long ago prophesized would come to capture Pokemon and take away their freedom.
    17 Arceus told them: Now you are humans, and try as you might, you will not ever be able to opress Pokemon as you have before. Your former strength is gone, and you will never again be able to speak the toungue of Pokemon. 18 This is punishment for your greed and pride, which drove your actions, even after you were corrupted by Giratina." 19 However, one Mew Arceus spared. for this Mew was one that abhorred violence and tried to stop his brethren from attacking other Pokemon. 20 To this Mew, Arceus said: "You I spare, for you have ignored the twisted words of Giratina, and have abandoned your pride. 21 To you I grant eternal life, for you must always watch over the Pokemon of this world and keep balance. 22 But be ready to act always. because there will come a day when your brethren's descendants will threaten the existance of the world, and only you will be able to stop them." And thus Arceus left for its realm.

    The Banishment of Giratina

    23 When Arceus returned, it confronted its child Giratina. Arceus told Giratina: "You have corrupted the Mews, which I loved, and caused them to turn to humans. 24 Your hatred will not be tolerated, and you are deserving of punishment far greater than the Mews." 25 And Arceus opened a door to the forbiiden realm, the Distortion World, and cast Giratina into its depths. 26 However, from within the Distortion World, Giratina created an envoy of shadows, who escaped and entered the world of Pokemon. This envoy was called Darkrai, and continued to corrupt Pokemon in their dreams as he made his way to the realm of Arceus.
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