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Mako Reese
First Encounter

Having passed through Floaroma Town at night, Mako was unaware of what had happened to to the town or its inhabitants. He headed out to the eastern exit and started towards Pastoria Town to go meet his mother. Not long after he left, a shadowy figure holding what Mako could only perceive as a knife (due to the darkness).

"Darn Pokespirit users...YOU KILLED THEM ALL!" said the figure (barring a few obscenities), who was verified to be a man due to the tone of his voice. Mako didn't know what the person was talking about as he had no idea what a "pokespirit" was. He looked around to see if there were someone else they could have been referring to, then turned his head back to the man and started to assess the situation. There was a dark figure holding a deadly weapon at him, clearly holding spite for "something" that he did. Fear grew in Mako.

"Just kill him, just like you did the slave owner," Kraus said. "He's just a human, he should be no problem."

"But I'm not strong enough to kill him," Mako said in response, and then he quickly covered his mouth. Another slip-up. Why did he say "But I'm not strong enough to kill him" when his normal reaction would be "I can't kill another person, it's wrong"? Clearly something had happened to him, he wasn't himself. He also noticed that Kraus said that he killed the slave owner, which he denied to himself, but couldn't refute because he didn't actually remember how he arrived in Floaroma. Tears started to grow in the young boy's eyes. Kraus snickered at the clueless and distraught child.

"Stop talking to your Pokespirit!" The man yelled. Pokespirit? Mako thought to himself. His mind then flashed back to the stories his mother would read him as a child, one of which was a romanticized children's version of the Arceus' "Genocide". It was all a matter of time before he put two and two together.

"K-Kraus...your...I'm..." Mako was at a loss for words. Kraus' snickering turned into full-blown laughter.

It was at this point that Mako's skin started to turn into a bluish color and his hair began to grow out. Mako and Kraus were now dormant, and in their place only Creed existed. The man yelled and lunged at Creed, unaware of his transformation. Creed swiftly stole the knife with thief, and appeared behind the man. He placed the knife in his pocket, and then he turned back to the man. The man, confused as to where Creed had gone, looked around aimlessly for him. Creed tapped the man on his shoulder. The man turned around to see that Creed had his hand jutted out in front of him, as if to motion for a handshake.

"Name's Creed, Creed Reese." He said with a seemingly deceptive smile on his face. The man then holstered his knife at Creed, or rather, he tried to, but it was in Creed's possession. "Look, you can either die now or accept this handshake and die some other time. Now look, I don't know who you think I killed, but chances are I didn't kill anyone you're thinking of, and if you're simply discriminating against Mako for being a Pokespirit User...then I might just have to deal with you." The man started to shiver, apparently terrified by this new persona that the child had taken on. He slowly, and doubtfully, met Creed's hand with his own. "You got a name?"

" name's Tarsus. Tarsus Gin," the man responded.

Creed raised his eyebrows at the unique name, and then turned the other way and started to leave. Tarsus then smiled and then threw a homebrew grenade at Creed as he departed. Creed, however, heard the clip of the grenade due to his heightened sense of hearing. He smiled and kicked the grenade into the air, where it exploded. He then ran up to the man and said, "If you're still alive, I can't wait to face you when you're stronger." He then used Dark Pulse, sending the man into the woods nearby.
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