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    Chapter 2: Looking After The Koopalings

    It was breakfast time and in the canteen Tony Koopa, a koopa troopa was sitting down eating corn flakes with his friends Buzz and Scott, two hammer brothers. Tony was a senior member of the Koopa Empire having served for over 15 years while Buzz and Scott had only joined six months ago.

    “So what are you doing today?” Buzz asked Tony.

    “Bowser has an important mission for me,” Tony replied. “I've been on guard duty for three days running so now I finally get to do something different.”

    “I heard there's another new koopa who's joined us,” Scott said.

    “Yeah I know,” Tony replied. “I think his name is Clive. He caught a toad, apparently one of Oscar's spies." Tony looked at the time on the wall.

    “Well I better be going. Bowser will be mad if I'm late. See you guys later,” Tony said getting up from his chair.

    “See ya,” Buzz said.

    Tony made his way to the throne room although Bowser wasn't there. After about a few minutes, Bowser came out of the back room with his wife, Francine. Francine was a large dragon-koopa like Bowser but had long dark hair down past her shoulders.

    “Sorry to keep you waiting Tony. Me and Francine are going out for the day so I want you to look after the koopalings.” Bowser said.

    “Why me?” Tony asked confused.

    “You are a trusted koopa here and you get on well with the koopalings so I requested you personally.” Bowser said. “Please accept my request.”

    “Okay I'll do it,” Tony said smiling. “It will be an honour.”

    “Thank you. I've left a list in the kitchen of things to do. I hope none of it will be a problem,” Bowser said.

    “Not a problem at all,” Tony said.

    “Good,” Bowser said. “I'll be back around 10pm tonight. Make sure my kids are in bed before then. If anyone needs me, tell them I'm not here,” Bowser said.

    “Will do,” Tony said.

    “Well lets go honey,” Bowser said to his wife who was hugging him the whole time.

    “Okay darling.” Francine said.

    They both left via a warp pipe what Bowser created then dissapeared as soon as he and Francine entered.

    Tony walked into the door behind the throne room and inside had many rooms reserved only for the royal family. Next to the door was an intercom what is used to contact those wishing to enter the throne room. The koopalings were playing in a room at the back of the royal headquarters. Tony knocked this door and waited.

    “Come in,” Ludwig answered.

    Tony came in and was greeted by the koopalings.

    “Hiya Tony, how are you?” Iggy said.

    “Howdy,” Roy said.

    “Hi all. Your dad asked me to look after you all,” Tony said.

    “We know. I'm sure we'll have a great time.” Larry said.

    “I agree,” Tony said. “Your dad said he left me a list in the kitchen.”

    “Yes he did,” Ludwig said. “I'll go and get it for you.” Ludwig found the list on top of the bread bin and brought it to Tony who was waiting with the rest of the koopalings.

    Tony read the list before putting it down.

    “Okay so you've all had breakfast, right?” Tony asked.

    “Right,” they all shouted.

    “Good. Well we don't need to worry about that then,” Tony said. “What about school?”

    “We get home-schooled,” Ludwig replied. “But today is our day off so all we do is play mainly unless dad gets us to do something.”

    “I see. Well on this list, I am supposed to help you with homework, cook dinner, and basically keep you entertained,” Tony said.

    “We don't have any homework,” Roy said smugly.

    “Surely you must have tons of homework,” Tony replied.

    “Nope. The only homework we have is boring maths and empire training,” Wendy said.

    “Empire training?” Tony asked.

    “Yeah, train to become better koopas in the empire, like you.” Wendy said.

    “Oh right,” Tony laughed. “Yeah, its best to learn that kind of stuff when you are quite young. Maths is important too though.”

    “Not to me it isn't,” Wendy said.

    The rest of the koopalings nodded except for Ludwig.

    “Actually he's right. Maths is a very important subject as it helps you with calculations and other things,” Ludwig said.

    “You would say that, wouldn't you?” Roy said. “You who thinks he knows it all?”

    “What did you say?” Ludwig said raising his voice.

    “You heard,” Roy said squaring up to Ludwig.

    “Hey now, break it up you guys,” Tony said. “There's no need to fight about it.”

    Roy and Ludwig stared at each other angrily for a few seconds.

    “Fine,” Roy said turning away.

    “Well what do you do for empire training?” Tony asked.

    “We learn about combat techniques, how to get along with other koopas and stuff like that,” Lemmy said.

    “I see. Well is there anything you need help with?” Tony asked.

    “Not really. But you can help us with our maths.” Lemmy said.

    “Sure,” Tony said. The koopalings and Tony then sat down on the dining room table and Tony helped the koopalings with their homework, which included algebra and calclulus mainly. The only one what didn't need help was Ludwig as he was quite an expert at maths, which annoyed the other koopalings a lot, especially Roy.

    “Well I see you've all completed your homework now and I hope you do the same when I'm not here. What else do you want to do?” Tony asked.

    “Lets play hide and seek,” Lemmy said.

    “Yeah,” Iggy said.

    “Pfff, hide and seek is for sissys,” Roy said. “How about you and me in a wrestling match, one on one?”

    “Lets play hide and seek then,” Tony said ignoring Roy's suggestion.

    “YAY,” Iggy and Lemmy shouted.

    “Wimp,” Roy muttered. “Okay I'll play but you get to count Tony.”

    The rest of the koopalings nodded.

    “I guess I don't have a choice,” Tony laughed. “Okay but just this once.”

    Tony then covered his eyes and counted to 100 while the koopalings ran and hid. “98.. 99.. 100.. Ready or not, here I come,” shouted Tony.

    Tony began searching the royal headquarters and found Wendy hiding in the bath.

    “No fair,” Wendy complained. Tony laughed at this. He found Larry hiding under his bed, Morton in the kitchen cupboard, Ludwig was in his shell among a collection of other shells and Iggy and Lemmy were in their bedroom wardrobe. He then looked and looked for Roy but couldn't find him.

    “Roy where are you?” Tony asked. He continued to look for about fifteen minutes but couldn't find him anywhere.

    “Come on Roy, this isn't funny anymore, where have you gone,” Tony said.

    “He's left the heqdquarters again. He always does this,” Lemmy said.

    Tony growled and walked outside and found Roy sitting on Bowser's throne.

    “So this is where you've been hiding,” Tony said slightly annoyed.

    “Yup, I told you hide and seek is for sissys,” Roy replied and got of the throne and walked towards Tony.

    “Now I want to wrestle with you or are you too chicken to do so?” Roy sneered now standing really close to Tony. The rest of the koopalings didn't dare say anything. They knew what Roy was capable of.

    “No I'm not scared. Sure I'll wrestle with you but here isn't the place to do it,” Tony said.

    Roy smiled and walked back into the headquarters. “We'll do it in my room. There's plenty of room for us to have a match.”

    Roy and Tony squared up to each other and before Tony could react Roy grappled him and pulled him to the ground. Tony tried to get back up but Roy had the upper hand and had Tony in an inescapable hold. Tony eventually tapped out signalling submission and Roy let go. Tony was completely out of breath and slowly got back up. Roy however still had loads of energy in him and smiled and Tony.

    “Not bad, I thought you'd submit earlier but you managed to hold out a bit longer but I still beat you,” Roy said.

    “Tony, I'm hungry now.” Wendy said from outside.

    “Actually I feel quite peckish myself,” Roy said.

    “So am I. How about you guys set up the table and I'll fix up something for us to eat,” Tony said now with his breath back. Tony went to the kitchen while the koopalings went into the dining room.

    “Lets see now,” Tony said looking through the kitchen. “I know what I'll do.”

    Meanwhile the koopalings had set up the table and were sitting waiting. After a while, Tony came in with a tray with eight plates. On the plates was roast potatoes, chicken, cabbage, broccoli and gravy.
    Tony served the plates out to, which he and the koopalings all ate.

    “Thank you Tony, that was a lovely dinner,” Ludwig said.

    “Your very welcome. I'm happy you enjoyed my dinner.” Tony said.”You go and watch TV or something while I wash up.”

    The koopalings all ran into the living room to watch TV while Tony did the washing up. In the living room meanwhile, the koopalings were fighting over what to watch.

    “Hey I want to watch the news,” Ludwig said.

    “But you saw the news earlier. Its just the same stuff every single day,” Lemmy said.

    “I want to watch Mushroom Kingdom's most wanted,” Iggy said.

    “Forget that rubbish, I'm watching boxing,” Roy said.

    The koopalings started talking over each other fighting over the remote.

    “ENOUGH!!!!,” shouted a voice from behind. They all turned to see Bowser and Francine back early.

    “Daddy, Mummy,” they all cried.

    “Hello kids, we're back early,” Francine said. “Did you miss us?”

    “We sure did mum,” Larry said.

    “Where's Tony?” Bowser asked.

    “He's in the kitchen washing up,” Wendy said.

    “Okay,” Bowser said.

    Tony walked in the living room a few minutes later and saw Bowser and Francine.

    “Oh hi Bowser. I wasn't expecting you back this early.” Tony said.

    “Yeah, we thought we couldn't leave the koopalings for too long so we came back early,” Bowser laughed. “How were my kids? Were they behaving?”

    “Oh they were fine,” Tony laughed. “They were as good as gold.”

    “Tony got owned by Roy in a wrestling match,” Morton said.

    Tony's cheeks got red when Morton said that.

    “Oh he did?” Bowser laughed. Luckily Bowser never said anything else, he was used to Roy challenging babysitters.

    “Thanks for looking after my kids Tony,” Bowser said.

    “No problem,” Tony said. “I'll be glad to do it again sometime.”

    “Now you go back to doing your regular duties and I'll see you later,” Bowser said.

    “Right away,” Tony said before leaving the headquarters and the throne-room.

    “So what did you do today?” Bowser said

    The koopalings then told their parents of what happened.
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