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    Hello Pokecommunity :D How are ya today? My Name is Zerkrom but my fans and friends call me Zerks. I am currently working on a New type of Pokehack. In this hack there will be 10 GYMS :D Think im kidding around? Well Do ya? Ya I am Ive wanted to produce a hack that is different from the rest and hey mabye even make a sequal or prequal. But anyway If your a Scripter, Programmer, Mapper, Spriter, Music Inserter or anything dealing with Pokehacks then please Join. Ive been making teams that dont even last long due to people quitting on me, no responces ect. so if your a great hacker dont just shrug this thread off. At east support the Hack and mabye you could be in the credits too well onto the next section of this thread the Plot! But i need to say something else too...I too will also be working on the hack as well and will be making updates and side notes of new features along the way. But Please look through the thread and see if you would love to join
    thank you.

    Support Pokemon Heroes/Savers


    The 2 Zaibor Beasts, the 6 Elements: Fire, Water, Ice, Leaf, Earth, and Electricity . The Distant Past... these things are all related because of the Legend they All Come from..... 10,000 Years Ago in the Region of Kaior, there was a Prince and A Princess who wielded the powers of Light (Psychic) and Dark the Princess Ruled the Eastern Terra side of Kaior while the Prince Ruled the Tropi Western Side of the Region. For years there was peace among the two Sides until....the Prince became power hungry and tried to take over the Entire Region. It was then the Princess and her 6 Warriors that were fighting the Prince's Forces took action and used the Element Crystals to seal the dark powers that the Prince used...the Forbidden Powers. After a great battle the War was over but at a price...both the Prince and the Princess were turned into Jewels, the Princess Opal and the Prince Amythest the Warriors then decided to have the Kingdom joined together. The new King, who was the Warrior of Fire and the Queen, the Warrior of Ice both married to govern over the Eastern Side as did the Warriors of Leaf and Electricity For the west. As for the warriors of Earth and Water; they created 2 Noble beasts Terratops and Taigua the Region's legendaries and protectors of the East and West parts of the Kaior Kingdom.
    Now after 10,000 Years history is about to repeat itself, and 7 Heroes must stand up to the occasion to destroy the Prince Amethyst and its power before it falls into the Wrong hands.....
    This is the Begining of a Trilogy of Stories....of woven together by 8 Youths... 7 of Light... 1 Of Darkness.

    • New Region "Kaior"
    • Gen 3, and 4 Pokemon
    • New Music and Some Familiar Sounds
    • A Long and Dramatic Storyline Filled with Action
    • New Starters
    • You are Never Lone with the Main Characters Traveling with You
    • New Villains: Dark-Nexus
    • More to Come...


    Your Preferred Name:
    Ways of Contact:
    If You are on Often:
    Poof of Job:
    Job Wanted:
    Your Main Skill and Rank(optional)

    Current Members

    Zerkrom The Hedgehog: Leader, Spriter
    Maxj2009: Spriter. Co-Leader
    ThatOneGirl: Scripter, Heart of the Team
    Soulryu - Tile Inserter,Mapper
    Blazikenboy -Spriter


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