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    Chapter 7: Prisoner Diaries

    It had been three months since Jeff had been captured by Marcus Koopa and he was now getting used to his prisoner life in Castle Koopa although he still wasn't too happy about it. Clive, his personal guard was enjoying having him around.

    “You've been here for three months now. It's time for you to do some serious slave jobs,” Clive said to Jeff that morning in the dungeons.

    “What do you mean serious?” Jeff asked.

    “Follow me and I'll show you,” Clive said smiling evilly. Jeff didn't like the way Clive was smiling but decided to follow Clive outside of Castle Koopa and into the mines a few miles away.

    “What is this this place?” Jeff asked. “What am I supposed to do here?”

    “Welcome to the Dark Land mines, this place is full of minerals and lots of other hidden treasures. This is one of many slave spots where we make our slaves dig for treasure and stuff,” Clive explained.

    “You want me to dig for treasure? Is that why you brought me here?” Jeff asked.

    “Not just treasure but anything really. Sometimes our slaves are made to dig just for the hell of it because we enjoy making them work. Look over there,” Clive said pointing over to another part of the mine. Jeff looked and saw a toad being made to dig with a koopatrol watching over him. The toad appeared to be exhausted and there were other toads scattered about what Jeff noticed doing the same kind of work.

    “No way. I'm not doing that,”Jeff said about to walk off but Clive stopped him and held him against the mine wall.

    “You'll do what you're told. You wouldn't want me to do to you what I did last time, would you?” Clive sneered.

    Jeff gulped. He knew Clive was being serious and didn't want that same punishment to happen again when he tried to escape previously.

    “Okay, I guess I have no other choice,” Jeff said.

    Clive grinned. He had Jeff right where he wanted him and there was nothing Jeff could do about it except just follow orders and stay on Clive's good side. Clive then placed some iron legcuffs around Jeff's legs connected to a cannonball preventing him from making any kind of leg movement.

    “That should hold you in place,” Clive said handing Jeff a pickaxe. “Now start digging or else.”

    Jeff sighed and started to dig much to Clive's delight.

    “Don't get me wrong Jeff. You might not believe me but I do like you. I may be quite hard on you as well as other prisoners but I as well as the other guards do care about our prisoners' well-being. If you respect me and do your job, then I'll respect you back,” Clive said.

    Jeff just nodded but continued to dig and was clearly not happy.

    Meanwhile down in the dungeons, Spike, the sledge brother responsible for escorting Francine's killers to trial previously was taking a check on all the cells when Buzz and Scott came down taking a toad into one of the cells. The toad had his hands tied behind his back and his arms tied together. His mouth was tightly gagged with a cloth wrapped around it to keep him quiet as he tried to scream for help during his capture.

    “This toad was trespassing in the upper section of the castle. We think he may have been trying to rescue the human but we caught him,” Buzz said to Spike.

    “Take him to the free cell down the end. I'll have him interrogated later once I've finished down here and whatever else I have to do,” Spike said.

    “You got it,” Buzz said and threw the toad in the cell leaving him tied up. Normally the prisoners would be untied before being locked in the dungeon but this toad was quite dangerous and was trying to fight back so Buzz and Scott had to restrain him. Bowser came down shortly afterwards to look for Jeff and saw Spike.

    “Spike, where is the human, Jeff?” Bowser asked.

    “Clive took him to the mines,” Spike said.

    “Thank you, I'll contact Clive right away. I wish to speak to Jeff as I am thinking of letting him go,” Bowser said and left the dungeons.

    Back in the mines, Jeff was getting tired but continued to dig while being watched by Clive. Clive heard his walkie talkie buzz and answered.

    “Clive, its Bowser, finish what you are doing and bring Jeff to the throne room right away,” Bowser said.

    “Right away, Bowser,” Clive said and put his walkie talkie away. “You can stop now Jeff, Bowser wants to see you right now.”

    Jeff put down the pickaxe and Clive released him from the legcuffs holding him.

    “Why does Bowser want to see me?” Jeff asked confused.

    “No idea but we had bettter hurry or I'll be in trouble,” Clive said and hurried out the mines followed by Jeff. Once they had reached the throne-room, they stood in front of the throne where Bowser spoke.

    “Jeff, you've been a prisoner for just over three months now and I see no other reason to keep you here. You were initially captured due to me thinking you would end up as one of Mario's fighters and I wanted you out of the way so you wouldn't become a threat. However that has passed now and you seem to have settled in quite good unlike many of our toad prisoners who try and fight their way out at every opportunity. So what I'm trying to say is you're free to go,” Bowser said.

    “You're letting me go?” Jeff asked quite shocked. Clive was also surprised at this as he wasn't expecting Bowser to ever release Jeff for a long time.

    “That's what I said. Clive, escort Jeff out of the castle and away from the kingdom,” Bowser said.

    “Yes Bowser,” Clive said before turning to Jeff. “Well Jeff, its been nice knowing you but it looks like you'll be leaving us. Lets get you out of here.”

    Clive and Jeff then left the throne-room and Jeff followed Clive out of the castle and walked to the border.

    “This is where we say goodbye. Leave here and return to Toad Town or wherever you are going,” Clive said and Jeff left immediately without saying anything.

    “Goodbye Jeff,” Clive said and turned around and back to Castle Koopa. Jeff returned to Toad Town where he was greeted by Mario and Peach. They then took him to Peach's castle where he stayed in the guest room.
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