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Okay, I recently got back into the anime. I kind of just stopped watching it for a while and am now catching up online. Something that really strikes me about what I've seen so far (I'm on Episode 15) is that Ash is getting through this Gen almost completely on luck alone. He's make far less use of inventive solutions, he's losing a lot more... and just general craziness.

One prime example is Trip. He's a brand new trainer and just put the smackdown on Ash and Pikachu way to easily. Seriously, that first battle between Pikachu and Snivy should've resulted in Pikachu's victory even without electric type moves. But Snivy, a Poke'mon with almost no battle experience whatsoever, defeated Pikachu in only a few hits.

Pikachu also seems to be failing a lot in this Gen. He's done almost nothing notable at all in these episodes.

Trip again gets a one-up on Ash in Episode 10 at their battle club battle. Pikachu was less prominent then Ash's Snivy. I understand why Ash's other Pokemon lost pretty easily, their new, but Pikachu should've been able to do much more then it did.

It's just annoying me how newby Ash has been acting throughout this entire season so far. He's acting like this is his and Pikachu's first adventure. He's a Pro, and he's battling with nowhere near the ability he displayed in Diamond and Pearl. Is anyone else annoyed by this?
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