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    Chapter 10: A Plot Uncovered

    Jeff had now completed his training and was fully qualified to be part of the Koopa Empire. He was in the throne-room waiting to be assigned to a unit and had already received his ID card, which he put in his pocket.

    “Before I assign you to a unit, I have something else for you to do first. As we both know, the Mario brothers are still unaware of your allegiance to me so I am asking you to return to Toad Town as a spy. I fear that they may be planning another attack on my family and my empire. Make notes on everything you find out and report back to me,” Bowser said.

    “It will be done,” Jeff said and walked out. He left the castle and walked back to Toad Town.

    “Toad Town, the one place I never thought I'd return to,” Jeff said to himself as he walked into the town's outskirts. He noticed Mario and Oscar down a backstreet and hid behind a corner as not to be noticed and listened to their conversation. He took out a tape recorder what Bowser had given him earlier and recorded as much as he possibly could.

    “So it's that easy?” Mario asked. “We just make sure that they are in the castle at the same time and then blow it up,” Oscar nodded.

    “Bowser won't know what's hit him, by the time he realises what's happened it will be too late. He and his whole empire will be as good as dead and his kingdom in ruins,” Oscar said. Mario smiled at this.

    “So the prophecy is finally coming true,” Mario said.

    “What the hell?” Jeff said to himself.

    “This is what we have all been waiting for and today is the day it finally happens,” Mario added.

    “That's right. He still has no idea that it was me who ordered the murder of his wife or that you were involved,” Oscar said.

    “What about Peach? If she ever found out...” Mario said.

    “Peach must never find out. She is my heir to the Mushroom Kingdom and I can't risk having her defecting,” Oscar said. Mario nodded at this.

    “Once we have completed this operation, we can begin preparations for next week's independence day celebrations.” Oscar added.

    “Yes, with all the koopas dead and gone, the celebrations will be even better,” Mario said.

    “I think its best if no-one finds out. Not even Luigi knows about this. I'll meet you in your castle this evening,” Mario said.

    “I'll be there with some of my most loyal soldiers and then we'll begin the attack,” Oscar said. “In the meantime, we'll go our separate ways.” Mario and Oscar began to walk down the street and Jeff walked away as so not to be seen. He was shocked at all this.

    “Man, it's a good thing I was sent to spy here. Talk about good timing,” Jeff said as he stopped the recorder. “Wait till Bowser finds out about this.”

    Jeff immediately returned to Bowser a little earlier than expected but this was important.

    “Bowser,” Jeff shouted walking into the throne-room almost out of breath.

    “Hey Jeff, you look like you ran all the way here,” Bowser said.

    “I did, and I have some grave news to tell you,” Jeff said.

    “Go on,” Bowser said.

    “Mario and Oscar are planning an attack on the castle, they intend to blow it up with you inside this evening,” Jeff said.

    “They're planning to kill me?” Bowser asked.

    “They're planning to kill everyone here, not just you,” Jeff asked. “They mentioned a prophecy and said it would destroy you, your kids and all your troops.”

    Bowser was shocked at this.

    “This is just the kind of thing I expect from a tyrant like Oscar. Is there anything else they said?” Bowser asked.

    “Yes, I heard Oscar say that he ordered your wife's killing and that Mario was also involved. I'm sorry to have to tell you like this,” Jeff said.

    “Excuse me for a minute,” Bowser then said and walked into the headquarters behind the throne. Bowser was obviously shocked and disturbed by all this news. Ludwig saw him by the throne-room door breathing heavily.

    “Dad, are you okay?” Ludwig asked concerned.

    “No, not really. I just found out something and it's not good news I'm afraid,” Bowser said.

    “What's happened?” Ludwig asked.

    “Just wait here, I'm going to finish what I was doing in the throne-room then I'll be tell you and your brothers and sister everything. Tell your siblings to meet me in the dining room,” Bowser said.

    “Okay Dad, I'll do that,” Ludwig said and did as he was told. “Something's going on. I've never seen Dad look so spooked in all my life,” Ludwig thought to himself. After a few deep breaths, Bowser came back out.

    “Sorry to keep you waiting Jeff,” he said as he sat back down on his throne. He covered his head in his hands.

    “I'm so sorry, I had no idea,” Jeff said. He then took out his tape recorder.

    “I recorded as much as I could on this tape,” Jeff said handing Bowser the tape, which he listened to. “Thank you Jeff, you've been a great help and I don't normally say that about a human. Now I am going to go back in the headquarters for now and discuss all this with my kids. You may leave now. Oh I almost forgot, I haven't told you your unit yet. Go down to the second basement level, I have told the unit leader and they will be expecting you.”

    Bowser then returned to his headquarters where his kids were waiting while Jeff went down to the basement to find his new unit. Jeff found the leader, a boomerang brother, waiting down a corridor.

    “Hello, you must be Jeff. My name's Mike,” the boomerang brother said extending his hand. Jeff shook the boomerang brother's hand.

    “Don't take this the wrong way but I never thought I'd see a human on our side. Humans aren't well liked here at all but you seem to have earned Bowser's trust so if Bowser trusts you then so will I,” Mikey said. “Let me introduce you to the rest of the team,” he added while walking down to the end where the rest of the unit was.

    “This is Derek,” Mikey said pointing to a koopa troopa. “He can be quite nasty so watch him.”

    “Pleased to meet you, I'm not nasty but I can get quite aggressive to those who cross me. If you respect me, then we'll get along just fine,” Derek said greeting Jeff.

    “This shy guy here is Barry,” Mikey added.

    “Hello Jeff,” Barry said. “So nice to finally see a human on our side.”

    “This is Martin,” Mikey said referring to a goomba.

    “Yo, so you're the guy who crossed through the battlefield and got caught,” Martin said.

    “Well that's everyone. Now Bowser has already told me what just happened so he wants to speak to everyone once he has finished whatever he is doing with his kids,” Mikey told Jeff. “As the leader of this unit, it is my responsibility to make sure that you and the rest of the unit are okay and obey orders. If you are injured, it is my job to make sure you get the right treatment and if you refuse to obey any order, then I am supposed to be the one what does the punishment, you got all that?”

    “Yes, loud and clear,” Jeff said.

    “Good,” Mikey said before his walkie talkie went off.

    “Calling all troops, report to the castle gardens right away,” said Bowser's voice.

    “Okay everyone, lets get to the gardens right away. Bowser has something big to tell us all,” Mikey said as he led his unit out to the gardens via the basement they were already in.

    “Hey Jeff, is it true that you're friends with Julie?” Derek said walking alongside Jeff.

    “Yeah, she told me a lot of stuff about your history and culture. It's because of Julie that I was able to join you in the first place,” Jeff said.

    “What happened up there anyway? Earlier I mean, Mikey said you spoke to Bowser about something and he wanted to speak to us all,” Derek asked.

    “I think it's best if you wait till Bowser tells you. It's a long story and not the kind of thing I really want to discuss,” Jeff replied.

    “It's okay, I understand,” Derek said.

    They reached the gardens, which was packed full of troops waiting for Bowser to make his speech.

    “Hello again Jeff,” a voice beside him said.

    “Hello Marcus,” Jeff said recognising the koopa troopa.

    “Well look who it is, it's my favourite prisoner,” another koopa troopa joked coming up to Jeff.

    “Nice to see you too Clive,” Jeff said.

    “Hey Jeff, what's going on here?” Marcus asked.

    “Bowser wants to make an important speech, its too detailed to tell you so its best if you wait for Bowser to tell you,” Jeff replied.

    “Jeff, just to let you know when this speech is finished, we will be leaving to do a mission outside Rose Town,” Mikey said referring to the unit. Jeff nodded and then the crowd fell silent as Bowser walked out of a balcony with a microphone.

    “Greetings troops, I am so happy to see you all here. You are probably all wondering why you are all here. I have received information that Oscar and Mario are planning an attack on our castle. They plan to exterminate every single one of us,” Bowser said. All the troops looked at each other in confusion.

    “How do they plan on doing that?” one troop asked out loud.

    “Good question, and the answer to that is they are planning to blow up the castle and are expecting us all to be in there at the same time. I, however am going to use this as well as some other information I am aware of to my advantage,” Bowser said.

    “What do you plan to do, Bowser?” a troop asked.

    “If Oscar wants a war, then a war he shall get,” Bowser said and the crowd cheered.

    “Bowser, Bowser, Bowser,” shouted everyone.

    “QUIET!” Bowser shouted and the crowd shut up.

    “I haven't finished yet. Oscar expects me to be in the castle at that time so as far as he is concerned, we will all be dead, right?” Bowser said confusing everyone.

    “What are you trying to say, Bowser?” someone shouted from the crowd.

    “Well if we are dead then they won't have to worry about us getting our revenge on the Mushroom Kingdom and taking it without warning on their independence day celebrations,” Bowser said confusing everyone even more.

    “Do you know what he is talking about?” Derek whispered to Jeff.

    “No idea at all, lets just listen and find out,” Jeff whispered back.

    “He's going to fake his death and then attack the Mushroom Kingdom when they least expect it,” Clive realised. Jeff, Marcus and Jeff's unit looked at Clive surprised.

    “What I am trying to say is that while Oscar is attacking the castle, it will be completely empty. We will all be hiding in various places underground or elsewhere,” Bowser said. “They won't have to worry about not finding any bodies because as far as they are concerned, we'll all be blown up or drowned in lava or something.”

    “Then what?” Clive asked out loud.

    “Then between now and their celebrations, we plan a massive comeback and we strike their precious mushroom kingdom back. I will take Oscar and deal with him personally. You take as many toads prisoner as possible,” Bowser said.

    “Sounds like a plan, what about our regular out-of-castle missions?” Clive asked.

    “As long as you are out of sight from anyone connected to Oscar or Mario, then you may continue as normal,” Bowser said. “They can't exactly scan the entire Mushroom World for every single koopa troopa, goomba and whatever else in existence now, can they?”

    “Good point,” Clive said.

    “Me and my kids are going to evacuate to the basements, if you want to join me you are welcome to do so otherwise get back to work. Just make sure you stay away from the castle. I'll be transferring all the prisoners in the castle down to the basement also,” Bowser said. “So long troops and long live the koopas.”

    “YAY!” the crowd cheered. “LONG LIVE THE KOOPAS!”

    “Jeff, we'd better leave now,” Mikey said. “We should quickly complete this mission before going into hiding.”

    Jeff quickly followed Mikey and the rest of his unit out towards Rose Town.

    Bowser walked into the dungeons opening each cell as quickly as possible.

    “Get out prisoners, you're going to the basement,” Bowser shouted punching each door open one by one.

    “Hey what's going on? What's happening?” a toad cried from one of the cells.

    “I'm saving your lives, that's what's happening,” Bowser replied.

    “Huh?” the toad asked. He and the other prisoners had no idea what was about to happen but they decided to follow Bowser anyway down to the basement.

    “These cells will be your new home, now I don't want to hear any complaining because I'm not in the mood right now,” Bowser said as he quickly locked the confused toads in the basement dungeons and walked off in a hurry. He then went back up to the castle to check that it was completely empty. He looked through every room thoroughly and it was all empty.

    “Good, the castle's completely empty now I need to make it look like it is occupied,” Bowser said as took out a wand from one of his drawers in his bedroom and waved it across the castle's rooms making illusions in the hope that it will fool Oscar and Mario.

    “Right, time to go,” Bowser said as he went back down into the basement where his kids were waiting.

    “Hello kids, I'm glad to see that you are all okay,” Bowser said hugging them all.

    “Same for you Dad,” Roy said. “Remember, we stay down here until next Wednesday on the day of the Mushroom Kingdom's independence day. So we have seven days to plan our big comeback and complete takeover of the Mushroom Kingdom.”

    “After all these years, we will finally be victorious. The fact that Oscar plans to kill us all and their celebrations is a week today is perfect timing for us,” Morton said.

    “While they're busy celebrating their independence and our deaths, we can surprise them with a full-on assault and capture everyone,” Iggy said.

    “Yeah. And I can capture Peach for myself and marry her and the kingdom will be mine,” Bowser said.

    “Oh yeah I almost forgot about that,” Ludwig said.

    “Forgot about what?” Bowser asked.

    “We know Peach is our real mother,” Ludwig said shocking Bowser.

    “You knew? All this time?” Bowser asked. “But how did you know/”

    “We loved Francine as much as we could but she was not our mum. As for how we know, well I've seen the way you talk to Peach even when Francine was alive. I've heard you refer to us as “our kids” to Peach,” Ludwig said and the other koopalings nodded.

    “Yes it's true. Me and Peach go way back, way before Mario came onto the scene,” Bowser said.

    “We're not angry Dad, I think it's great you want Peach, sorry I mean Mama Peach. But does she want you?” Lemmy said.

    “She wants that Mario,” Bowser muttered.

    “Mario wants to kill you and he was part of the conspiracy what killed our step-mum Francine,” Ludwig said.

    “Yeah, we need to get rid of him first and Oscar before you can marry Peach,” Wendy said.

    Bowser smiled and nodded.

    “We have plenty of time to plan it all. Peach also needs to be made aware of her father's and Mario's brutality,” Bowser said.

    “Right Dad,” Larry said. “Do you still have that tape recording Jeff gave you?”

    “I do and I plan on posting it to Peach, how much time do we have?” Bowser said.

    “It is 3:30 pm Dad, you have just over an hour before Oscar proceeds with his plan,” Ludwig said.

    “Okay, I'm going to quickly post this to Peach then I'll be right down. I need to make sure that Peach and only Peach is the one who opens it. God forbid if Mario or Oscar found it first,” Bowser said. He then quickly went back up to the castle to look for some wrapping paper. He found some in one of the guest rooms. He wrapped up the tape in a box with sellotape then addressed the parcel to Peach. He also wrote on it “Not to be opened till Independence Day” then posted it in a box for Parakarry to pick up. He then returned to the basement.

    “It's all posted. Come Independence Day and Peach will have access to that tape,” Bowser said.

    Most of the troops had now gathered in various underground sections and waited.

    Back in Toad Town, Mario was waiting for Oscar to arrive in his castle. Oscar arrived a few minutes later.

    “Are you all set Mario?” Oscar asked and Mario nodded.

    “Good then lets get going,” Oscar added as he and Mario went up to the tower of his castle where there were several bomber planes. Each plane had an arsenal of bombs, turret guns and flamethrowers among other weapons. They all flew over to Castle Koopa and Oscar noticed the fake illusions Bowser had planted. Oscar thought they were real though.

    “Good they are all inside as I expected,” Oscar said. “Fire at will.”

    “Wait, what about the prisoners?” Mario asked.

    “Forget about them, some sacrifices were meant to be. A few Toads is nothing compared to an entire koopa civilization.” Oscar said. “Now lets destroy this castle.”

    All the planes started throwing bombs and fired guns through all the windows at once. Oscar then went up to the window where the Bowser illusion was and sprayed gunfire along with the flamethrower directly through the window. He then threw bombs in it wrecking the whole room. Shortly afterwards, the whole castle was on flames and began to collapse.

    “It's working,” Oscar laughed with glee. “The Koopas are dying. Bowser should surely be dead now.”

    “Yeah, just a few more bombs and gunfire should make sure this castle falls to the ground,” Mario said as he threw several bombs in the windows circling the upper floors of the castle. After about fifteen minutes, the castle tumbled down and all that was left was a pile of rubble.

    “Goodbye koopas,” Oscar laughed and the planes left the area. Bowser, his kids and the troops were safe underground unbeknown to Oscar. They felt the ground rumbling and heard the attacks above them. When they were gone, Bowser quickly went back up to ground to investigate the ruins and collapsed at the sight.

    “No, my beautiful castle,” Bowser cried. “It's all gone. My whole life, my everything all in shatters.”

    The tears quickly turned from shock and sadness into pure anger. He stamped his feet and punched the ground.

    “Just wait till your precious independence day then we'll see who has the last laugh,” Bowser said and then went back down to the basement.

    Back in Toad Town, Oscar was celebrating what he believed to be the end of the koopas along with Mario. Peach was shocked when he found out that the koopas were all dead, or so she believed. She quietly left the party where many toads were celebrating and back to bedroom. She covered her head in her hands and sobbed.

    “Oh Bowser,” Peach cried. She continued to cry when she noticed Parakarry knocking on her window.

    “Parakarry, what are you doing here?” Peach asked.

    “I have a parcel for you,” he said giving Peach giving her the tape recording Bowser had wrapped.

    “What is it?” Peach asked looking at the parcel.

    “I don't know but it says you can't open it till Independence Day,” Parakarry said.

    “Thank you,” Peach said and closed the window as Parakarry flew off. She put the parcel away in one of her drawers.

    Meanwhile back down in the basements...

    “You may laugh now Oscar, you too Mario but come next week, we'll be back bigger and better than before. Then you'll be the one who'll be dead, not me,” Bowser said to himself.
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