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    Chapter 12: Start Of a New Era

    The Mushroom Kingdom was in shock at the news that Oscar, their Mushroom King had been killed. It didn't take long for the news to reach the entire Mushroom World. Most of the toads who were in Toad Town at the time had been captured by Bowser's troops and were being held in Toad Town's market square. Peach remained in her bedroom with Bowser as they prepared to make a televised speech to the entire Mushroom World and announce their engagement.

    “What are we going to do now? My father's dead, Mario's been captured and your castle is in complete ruins,” Peach said. “Also, Toad Town is now in chaos and your troops are holding my people captive. What do you plan to do?”

    “I've already thought of what we are going to do and you'll find out the same time as everyone else when we make our speech to the world. And you don't need to worry about your people, they are in good hands and I'll make sure they won't get harmed,” Bowser replied. Peach smiled and nodded. A large group of troops gathered in front of Peach's castle along with the koopalings as they waited for Bowser to emerge from Peach's balcony. Among the troops stood Jeff, Clive, Marcus among others.
    They all stayed quiet and started cheering as Bowser made his appearance. Across the Mushroom World, this was being televised live across all networks. After everyone had stopped cheering, Bowser began to speak.

    “Hello everyone, I would like to thank you all for being here. Now as you are all aware, it has been a tough week for all of us with the destruction of our castle. The death of the Mushroom King and Mario's capture means we can now rebuild our kingdom and our castle back to glory,” Bowser said.

    “Where is Mario anyway and what happened to Luigi?” Jeff asked from the crowd. Some of the other troops started murmuring amongst themselves wondering the same thing.

    “Mario has been taken prisoner and Monty has taken him to Vibe Island as a slave. Luigi, as far as I know, has left the Mushroom Kingdom,” Bowser replied. “Before I go any further, I would just like to announce my engagement to Peach.”

    “Engagement? You and Peach are getting married?” a troop asked.

    “That's right, you can come out now,” Bowser said calling Peach out. Peach walked out and stood next to Bowser. The troops didn't know whether to cheer for Peach or not. There were mixed cheers and murmers among the crowd.

    “Come on guys, I was expecting a bit more enthusiasm,” Bowser said. “I'm marrying the mother of my kids and my true love. Plus we also get the Mushroom Kingdom.”

    The crowd then cheered and the koopalings cheered the loudest. The toads who were present as prisoners were not happy at all. Once the crowd quietened down, Bowser continued with his speech.

    “Now the first thing what we are going to do is rebuild Castle Koopa but this time, I want it much bigger and better than ever before. Me and Peach will be getting married tonight so after tonight, we will be rulers of both the Mushroom and Koopa Kingdoms,” Bowser said.

    “Bowser, what shall we do with these prisoners?” Clive asked.

    “They will be made to work on the rebuilding of our castle and our kingdom,” Bowser said. “Also, I want some makeshift cells to be made to hold them while my castle is being rebuilt.”

    “What about us?” Lemmy asked. “What do we do?”

    “I am inviting you kids to attend my wedding, I want you to witness my reunion with your mother before we begin the unity of our two kingdoms,” Bowser said. The koopalings all smiled.

    “Okay everyone, thats all I have to say, now Peach has a few words she wants to say,” Bowser said handing the microphone to Peach as he stood aside and she stood in the middle.

    “Hello all Bowser's troops,” Peach said a bit nervous. “Well I never thought I'd be talking to you all like this, I'd just like to say I am so happy to be marrying your king and I'll be looking forward to being your queen. As Bowser just said, we have plans to unite both our kingdoms. Now I know my own people are against this but I just want to say to every toad who may be watching this that after tonight, me and Bowser are going to be married and I am going to be ruler of both the Mushroom Kingdom and the Koopa Kingdom as will Bowser. I would just like to ask you to give Bowser a chance. Its because of your attitude towards the koopas and because of the history my kingdom has had with them is why many of you always get kidnapped and enslaved by them,” Peach said. Bowser was surprised as he hadn't heard Peach talk this way before about her own kingdom.

    “So you toads down there who Bowser's troops have, you will help Bowser and help his troops rebuild his castle. Also some of you can help me with building extensions to my own castle. You will be seeing a lot more of the koopas so I suggest you get along together or else you'll have me to deal with,” Peach said. The toad prisoners down below were surprised at this outburst and just hung their heads and everyone watching on television were equally shocked at this. The koopalings just sjirachied finding it quite amusing.

    “You heard her,” Bowser said now taking the microphone. “Take half of the prisoners away to the Castle Koopa site. They will start work right away. The other half will stay here and work on Peach's castle. Me and Peach will be leaving now to get married so troops, make sure these toads are kept busy and as the future ruler of both my own and the Mushroom Kingdom, I ask that you also help out but make sure no toad escapes,” Bowser said. “Thank you all for listening and I'll see you all later.”

    As Bowser and Peach made their leave, the troops started work immediately. Half of the troops escorted half the toads to where Castle Koopa once stood and made them start building while helping out themselves. The other half did the same with Peach's castle. The prisoners were also made to build their own makeshift cells to hold them and stop them escaping.

    Bowser and Peach travelled in Bowser's clown copter to a secret location where they got married. That night, they were finally wed and became co-rulers of both the Mushroom and Koopa Kingdoms.
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