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    I understand what you mean, its just the way the pattern was. Hoenn had a good mix of Johto and Kanto with Kanto being on the lesser side when we got remakes and the Remakes had the rest of the Johto Pokemon. Gen 4 Hoenn and Kanto appeared a bit more but there was a significant lack of Johto until their remake came out then what was missing Kanto and Hoenn wise was transferable or catchable between the two sets of games.

    B/W and B2W2 break the pattern with these games. The number of Hoenn Pokemon (which is the remake we are waiting for) is higher in these that the others that got remakes were with the other sets. Pretty much all we have to play with are old patterns which are being broken by B/W.

    10th anniversary pattern is pretty much broken cause we would have heard about the remakes before B2W2 if we followed that pattern.
    Pokemon Pattern is broken or at least tells us the opposite of what is wanted.
    Console pattern so far is the only one not broken and is the only real support we have at getting one, just not for at least another generation seeing as it wouldn't have much point to make them for the DS which is now a dying system.