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    Originally Posted by Daikoru View Post
    Thanks for the answers. I have a few more questions thought:

    -I wish to create a Rival that changes gender depending on which gender we chose at the beginning, much like R/S/E. Is it easily doable in FireRed, or would I better off doing it on R/S/E?

    -I'd like to have multiple kind of battle musics. However, I'm not sure how it works, and if it's possible to have more battle musics than on the original (like 3 Trainer themes while still keeping the other themes). Is it possible to do that?

    -Can I apply an IPS patch (from, let's say, a hack that has all the moves from 4rd/5th gen and physical/special split) to a rom, make a Hack out of it, and create an IPS patch that will work on the original?

    Thanks in advance for the answers again.
    1. Yes, this is easily doable, since the commands are the same for both versions. A typical script would check the players gender, then which starter you chose, and branch into six potential battle scenarios:

    Boy, Fire Starter
    Boy, Water Starter
    Boy, Grass Starter
    Girl, Fire Starter
    Girl, Water Starter
    Girl, Grass Starter

    So, for each encounter with the Rival, you need to have six potential battles programmed. As for changing OWs, RSE have a few OWs that dynamically change, but you can just have two different OWs, and hide the one that's the same gender as yours, and show the one that's of the opposite gender.

    2. Like I mentioned above, Firered doesn't naturally have a battle music "table", it checks with ASM. Only way to fix is with ASM, or Jambo51 is apparently making a routine that lets you use a table (which I hope he's making because I still want it!)

    3. Yes. When making the patch in question, you just select a clean ROM as the base, then select your hack, and IPS will make the patch fine. In short, patches of patches can be consolidated into one patch.

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