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    Feren walked in his fused form in the Eterna forest. The time seemed to fly by since his brother went into Eterna city and never came back. The only bit of comfort he recieved was from his poke-spirit, Sevus the Turtwig. He walked through the leaves, hearing the crunching sound as the dry forest seemed to fry under the scorching sun. The leaves on the trees were in an extreme condition of drought and the smallest fire seemed to light them. Strangely enough, his poke-spirit was suffering too. "Maybe all grass types are affected by anything that drys up the land?"He thought leaving the forest behind and heading towards Children's city. "At least there, we'll be excepted."Sevus spoke, keeping a bright tone.Feren wondered on, going into his regular form where he didn't seem so close to the forest but seemed just normal.

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