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The finale is almost upon us. I'll be posting the final chapter, Chapter 4, in three sections. Hope you enjoy them.

The Coming of Lugia
4 It came to pass that in the world's oceans, two groups of Pokemon, the Gorebyss and the Huntail, who were of the same race, were waging war with one another. 2 Cresselia saw all that was happening, and came to the Huntail. Cresselia asked them: "Why do you defile Arceus' oceans with senseless war? 3 The Huntail grew angry, and replied: "Who are you that would preach to us? You are not Arceus, but a pretender." And the Huntail left to go to war. 4 Then Cresselia went to the Gorebyss, saying: "Do not defile Arceus' world with War! 5 For Groudon and Kyogre also waged war, and even now are still beneath the land and sea. Such will be your fate if you continue on this dark path." 6 The Grebyss resented these words, and they shunned Cresselia, and went to war. 7 Only one Gorebyss heeded Cresselia's plea, and told her: "You speak out of wisdom, envoy, but know this: No amount of pleading or threatening will quell the prides of either faction. For both wish to rule over these leaderless oceans, and neither will stop til they achieve their goal." 8 And Cresselia answered: "Then a ruler there shall be, but it will not be the Huntail nor the Gorebyss." 9 Then Cresselia returned to her island in the north, and created a new Pokemon using the powers Arceus invested in her. 10 This Pokemon was Lugia, whom Pokemon call "Ruler of the Seas." 11 And Lugia went into the ocean, where it stopped the war between the Gorebyss and the Huntail. 12 Then Cresselia went to the Huntail, who had disrespected and offended her, and told them: Because of their pride, the Mews your ancestors were destroyed. Now, because of your pride, you, too shall be punished." 13 And Cresselia altered and transformed the Huntail, causing them to be hideous forever. 14 Then to the Gorebyss, she said: "Because of the actions of one of you, you will be spared. However, none of you shall ever be kings or queens of the oceans. 15 Then Cresellia left them.
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