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    Welcome to the Arcanian Clan!

    Here at The Arcanian Clan, we are represented by the most royal Pokemon, the Arcanine.

    In The Arcanian Clan, or TAC, we are built upon strategy and sheer ferocity. Our trademark of TEL is to use our brute strength plus some strategy to win. We are bravery.

    The Eevee League is where we reside.

    We are fearless, just like the great Arcanine of legend. The lion is our mark, whether you are a grand Arcanine or a lowly Shinx, you will one day be one of the greats.

    Joining our clan is a simple task, all you must do is post here like this:
    OW Used
    For example:
    Name Noah
    Game(s) Platinum, White
    FC (Platinum) 1978 0757 8741 and (White) 1464 2514 9617
    OW Used BW Ace Trainer

    Noah - Arcanian Chief

    Lezza - Meowth (2) (20 Exp. Points)
    BL14N - New Recruit (0 Exp. Points)
    Jake - New Recruit (0 Exp. Points)

    Zac - New Recruit (10 Exp. Points)
    Google - Meowth (2) (20 Exp. Points)
    Joseph - New Recruit (0 Exp. Points)
    Eleken - New Recruit (0 Exp. Points)
    Patrick - New Recruit (0 Exp. Points)
    NintendoBoy - New Recruit (0 Exp. Points)
    Umbreon - Meowth (2) (20 Exp. Points)
    Blastoise - Zangoose (***) (110 Exp. Points)
    Ralphael - Meowth (2) (20 Exp. Points)

    - The beginning of your journey as an Arcanian.

    - You have begun training, you are already experiencing growth in your lion-like abilities. 20 Exp. Points

    - You are fierce. You fear little now, and are almost ready. 75 Exp. Points

    - You are now a strategic fighter... No. Now you can be considered a warrior, under the great name of Arcanine. 200 Exp. Points

    - Now you are beginning to show some elite-like skills. 500 Exp. Points

    - You have begun to grow your mane. Well done. 1000 Exp. Points

    - You are at your final stage in your training. You are an elite. 1500 Exp. Points

    - Ferocity at its finest. You can take down the strongest champions with your Arcanine-like skills. 5000 Exp. Points

    - The leader and guardian of all things held valuable to lions.

    How to Rank Up
    Ranking up is simple. All you must do is gain experience points. Right now, you may be thinking about how you earn these... It's a good thing I'm going to tell you.

    For every battle you win, you will earn 10 Exp. Points. However, you earn 5 more Exp. for every rank that the person you are battling is.

    You will also gain Exp. by participating in clan affairs.

    Clan Tourneys
    In our clan, we will have tournaments to judge your skill. Tournaments will be in the Multi-Battle format, because all lions need teamwork. The prizes are as follows:
    1st Place - Level 100 Shiny Arcanine
    2nd Place - Level 75 Entei
    3rd Place - Level 50 Luxray

    Also, if we defeat another clan, the most worthy lion (MWL) will be chosen and will be awarded the symbol of the enemy, in Shiny form.

    Join Today
    Now that you have read about the great clan of Arcanine, won't you join today?

    We are now beginning our first tourney! All of the rules will be found in the official TEL page! Get ready, you guys!
    SuperTreaz beat UhFoolUhKing
    SuperTreaz beat Lezza
    Draw Between SuperTreaz and UhFoolUhKing (DC)
    Original_Blastoise had two wins against google
    SuperTreaz had two wins against Original_Blastoise
    Original_Blastoise had two more wins against google
    Google beat Original_Blastoise
    Original_Blastoise beat Ralpheal 4 times.
    OB won thrice against google.
    Ralphael won twice against google.

    You will only be selected to battle in the generation games being played. Different generations will be awarded different prizes and such.

    PS. Watch out, you snakes.
    White: 1464 2514 9617
    Platinum: 1978 0757 8741