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    Random Area, Eterna City

    Riding Piggyback

    Dynamic Duo

    Yula, Amethyst

    Young Amy watched Lucy in a slightly awkward silence. She seemed to be talking to Amy, or maybe to her own stomach. Amethyst wasn't quite sure which, and didn't let it bother her much. Blade had been surprisingly quiet for a bit, which was a bit more calming. The two didn't get along quite so well, but they were stuck together nonetheless. Lucy mentioned something about a Children's City, prompting Amy to just nod along. Children's City...? Hm... I really can't go alone here, I'd be lost for sure.

    You should go with her, Amy, spoke the nuisance inside her mind, She obviously knows a lot more about this place than you do.

    "I was already going to Blade!!" Realizing that, once again, she had made an outburst, she covered her mouth with both hands, her cheeks burning up a bright pink. I really need to watch myself... Lucy made Amethyst an offer that - as childish as it made her seem - she couldn't refuse. She (rather joyfully) hopped right up on Lucy's shoulders, smiling cheerfully, though her blush still remained. Fortunately, Amy was very light and would give Lucy no issues. Her face reddened with joyous embarrassment, she spoke rather lightheartedly, "Th-thank you..."

    One thing remained in her mind: What was Lucy going to question her about? Her past, or her odd actions of shouting out at herself? Or perhaps the strange phenomenon of the invisible blades that seemed to outstretch her hands? The latter of which she had yet to learn herself. She looked around, enjoying the heightened view that came with a piggyback ride.

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