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    Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
    It's based on my idea of an evil pokemon for the hack. I used those 3 pokemon because of their individual stats and overall look. So Darugis will have Rayquaza's Atk/Sp.Atk, Lugia's Def/Sp.Def, and Darkrai's Speed with the ability Shadow Tag. It also the same base HP as Blissey but I wouldn't dare add any part of Blissey on it's sprite :D. It also has it's own attack move but I'm not gonna say nothing about that. Through-out the hack the player has to battle the shadow forms of Lugia/Rayquaza. Darkrai is Darugis's main vessel so you can't free Darkrai from Darugis. The Lugia battle will happen at the end of the 2nd beta. The Rayquaza battle is opinional but if you do the battle, you can get it's normal form for yourself.

    Well, I'm done talking about the events and stuff. I just want you all to play already! So, just like everyone else, I'll patiently wait for Tajaros...(No Pressure btw buddy ^.^)
    I'm glad it's like 90-95% done! When it gets released, I'll try to do an event thing or walkthrough of it on my YouTube account! I can't wait, and I'll choose Bagon as my starter!