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    @_ Glaceon12

    Actually, the 2 pokemon you posted evolve into their evolutions at Lv40. Glaceon/Leafeon are in the hack. Glaceon will be available first beta near Iceland City. Leafeon, in beta 2 on Plain Field. However, due to Yape not being able to make a pokemon have more then 5 evolutions, Leafeon/Glaceon are on there own. Eevee does not evolve into them. I mentioned the locations of the 2, but how to get them I won't spoil yet. Also, don't worry about the levels your pokemon will evolve. Due to the egg moves being lv up moves now, your pokemon will be strong and can hold their own. But that also means the special characters like Kayo, or the gym leaders, are very tough. The first gym leader's Heatmor is very difficult to beat due to you probably still having your dragon starter's first form at around lv18-20. Also, Lilligant didn't make the pokemon in-game cut...Sorries. (Although there's still about 6-7 more spots left for ordinary pokemon.)

    @_ Volcanix769

    Great, sounds good. I picked Bagon first too. Although in my opinion, Dragonite is the best as you progress through as it has Hurricane & Roost. Salamence has Hydro Pump/Roost though...Then there's Garchomp with the deadly Swords Dance/Earthquake...All 3 are good, whatever. ^.^