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Originally Posted by HaydenSane View Post
I'd like to change the color of the title (Pokemon and the name of the version) in FR. unLZ-GBA says that it's at 00E84F20 but when I open up APE and load the rom, then enter that number, I get a palette with lots of reds and blacks, but none of the blues or yellows of the title. Am I doing something wrong?
The colors of the Pokemon title are in 256 colors, so loading in APE is only gonna show 16 colors.

Also, unLZ only show compressed palettes, so generally the palette loaded with unLZ isnt gonna be correct. Here is what I found with a quick search. EAB6C4 and EAB6E4 shows part of the yellows and blues but I don't think that is all of them. So you can start your search around there.

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