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    Originally Posted by kylio_27 View Post
    "Trainers" capturing these innocent animals and enslaving them in these tiny pokeballs. Forcing them to fight one another(causing physical and psychological harm), as something a sadist would enjoy.

    This whole universe promotes this terribly thoughtless philosophy.
    It's a game - there are much worse games that promote many other things. If you don't like it then you don't have to play the games.

    Originally Posted by droomph
    However, when we see Pokémon battles, we see a deeper bond - take Ash and Pikachu, for example - they are friends. They do not expect money - they are doing it to grow stronger and to improve each other. When a trainer eats, his Pokémon eat. When a trainer starves, his Pokémon starve along with him. Sure, there are trainers who mistreat their Pokémon, but if everyone was to be perfect, that - no, any - world would be boring.
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