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    Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
    Although to be fair the OP isn't saying that the world is real and we should care about the Pokemon. Think instead of the implications of us being in love with this world, and whether or not it promotes bad attitudes towards animals in reality when children see this kind of world on TV or in games.

    Edit: Whoa you guys, chill. The OP didn't attack any of you, just questioned the Pokemon universe. No need to jump down his throat. Any continuing with this and people will be warned/infracted.
    I am not attacking him... I am just pointing out facts (I did so in my last post).

    However since you warned me I'll stop :3

    Originally Posted by kylio_27 View Post
    And sometimes pokemon escape. Why? Because they did not initially want to be in there.
    Pokemon in the video game do not try to escape (maybe they do in the anime) but not in the main series game.

    EDIT: you may want to read this before continuing our conversation.
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