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Originally Posted by kylio_27 View Post
Pokemon are not people, they're animals. Prize fighters compete voluntarily, whereas pokemon are forced to after being contained in a pokeball through capture.

The world of pokemon is one of monopolizing violence for the purpose of entertainment.
You haven't addressed the point that droomph brought up, that Pokemon choose to battle such as Oshawott forcing his way out of his Poke Ball to battle? In addition, if the Pokemon were so unhappy, they could easily knock out/kill their trainer when they're released from the Poke Ball. They've shown in the anime that the Pokemon can attack their trainer, so a strong Pokemon would easily be able to escape, but that doesn't happen in that universe.

In the end you have to remember that this is a fantasy universe. While we make analogies to animals here, just because Pokemon look similar to animals doesn't necessarily imply that their inner workings are identical. They may have a special mechanism inside their brains that bond them to a trainer, and makes them want to fight and enjoy it.

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