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    actually it is quite obvious when you think about it. mew was first because who sais with psychic powers it didnt be there... (God was the beginning and the end the alpha and the omega) he could have made a being stronger then him and also a god can Do anything make anything destroy anything. Mew is said to be able to make anything ask the original creator about his ideas on it he will say mew came first. in the games mew cant learn all the moves yes but the myth sais it can so that is the truth but arceus is limited to few moves. also if it was a god arceus would not need recharges from creating things mew on the other hand can transform create and destroy anything without any recharges. Mew is The true God. also when you think about it arceus can be turned into a statue and almost was so he can die he is a mortal pokemon. he is hard to kill but you can do it. it sais no where or in any videos that mew dies. mew is forever the beginning and the end