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    Originally Posted by Yuoaman View Post
    Okay, I'm going to be completely honest here. It's not nearly good enough. You don't seem to have decided on a single style for your graphics is very jarring. Your overworld sprites seem to have some sort of Earthbound/Mother 3 thing going for them, and while it's a nice enough style it doesn't suit either the HGSS or FRLG tiles which are both incredibly different stylistically and having them in the same game is just perplexing. And the sprites you posted with the list of factions are basically useless to anyone viewing the thread as you've watermarked the hell out of them so the finer details can't be seen, making it kind of useless to display them at all.

    I see you posted a screenshot from your map editor, but that just confuses things further - if you have a map editor why are you going to such great lengths to create duplicates of the maps from the official games when even those can feel cramped when one player is running around?

    All in all it just feels like you've posted this project way too soon, and while you may be working hard on it, I've seen much better posted hereabouts.
    Hello Yuoaman. Thank you for your thorough input on our work.
    About the watermarks... we have had sprite theft issues before, so you're right, I might have exagerated on that. I'll make sure to fix it soon, along with a few more to wet the appetite of the viewers.

    About the style of the sprites not matching well with the tiles. That is a matter that has to be discussed with the whole team, as you see, we have hundreds and hundreds of custom sprites, making it kind of impossible to remake them all. The tiles were also in production for large months now, and I don't see the team starting from ground up. I remind you though that this is still work in progress material, and might be subject to much change until the final product.
    I will be transmiting your feedback to the heads of the teams anyway, so thank you for your participation.

    About the maps being "cramped", we have a set list of priority references, the top one being the games, and we're gonna stick to that directive, along with any consequences that might bring.

    Thanks for your interest overall, and I hope I'll see you around again.
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