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    Originally Posted by Shootingace View Post
    I see what you're trying to say, but we won't really know until a remake of Ruby and Sapphire comes out. However i still strongly believe that Arceus is truly the creator (However way it did) since it is the strongest Pokemon i have seen both in the anime and the games.
    It is the strongest, but we know exactly how strong it is. The usual uber legendaries are all 670/680, with Kyurem formes reaching 700. (Its probably safe to assume that it would easily surpass Arcues if Kyurem could merge with both dragons..)

    Arceus is merely 50-20 points above those.
    Another thing I could point out is how all of those legendaries have at least one if not two stats reaching 150 or higher. Arceus doesn't have one, because all those stats are equally distributed across all 6 stats, hence 120*6.

    120 attack? Nothing special for a true legendary, unlike KYurems hundred and seventOH MY GOD RUN WE ARE DOOMED.

    120 special defense? I think hear a Lugia laughing somewhere.... it's more like a prototype of the uber legendary. A blank, nonspecialized, "Normal", average, all-around, legendary. It doesn't even have a two types, like some other legendaries of this caliber...

    Your argument would be valid if Arceus' total stats were like 10000 or something absurdly high like that. But its not.

    Its abilities are limited by the same rules as every other pokemon.

    It is just the upper extreme of the spectrum of pokemon, not a seperate league.

    There is a bigger difference between average pokemon like some Sandslash and the more powerful ones like Dragonite. Arceus is merely a buffed up Mew or similar.

    Originally Posted by Shootingace View Post
    Also if the world crumbles when Giratina is caught because of unbalance in Platinum, the game would end.
    You are missing the point.
    Because Cyrus talks about this. If it was an issue that should be ignored because of game limitations, then why would they insist on putting that dialogue in in the first place?

    Give me any explanation for why they made Cyrus state something outrageous just to then make him share the realisation that nothing amazing happens.

    Unless they are trying to show that legendaries are just powerful pokemon and not godlike beings at all.
    This is the exact intention they have had for this, as far as I can imagine.

    Originally Posted by Shootingace View Post
    Plus were Groudon and Kyogre the ones who created Hoenn? Because Groudon raised continents. While Kyogre raised oceans (which will obviously affect the whole world. Also when Kyogre is awakened in Sapphire, Steven says that the downpour will flood the entire World. Not to mention Rayquaza controls weather, not the weather in Hoenn.
    Groudon doesn't actually raise continents directly, it simply heats the atmosphere, causing drought, evaporating the water and make the land seem to rise.
    Just as Kyogre causes heavy rainfall.

    They cannot flood the whole world or evaporate all the water, because the planet is round and the amount of water that the atmosphere can be held or be extracted from it, is given.

    I didn't see any Rayquaza while travelling Unova, I did however run into some serious crop destroying Hurricanes caused by a certain local legendary. And if that's not serious enough, where was Rayquaza when Reshiram/Zekrom basically destroyed the region?
    Simple: that place is none of Rayquazas business.

    Or maybe I don't understand well enough what "controls the weather" means. Im curious of elaborations on that.