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    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    Even in the Sequels all they did was recycle the same team with the same goals, using the same methods they did in the past. Why wouldn't that be possible in a Seequel for R/S? Its been done that way twice now, if a Sequel were to happen, then there is a good chance it'll happen again.
    Problem is that Team Rocket was revived in new region (Johto). Team Plasma was revived with two factions, one of them was completely new, and new Pokemon (Kyurem) in possession. See what I mean? Both of those teams were revived with something new. In Aqua/Magma case, nothing would be new. Same region and same Pokemon in possession. That's not good enough for sequel imo.

    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    You said that Hoenn can't use the unused areas, but then turn around and say within the same paragraph that the point of leaving unused areas on the map would be for expansion.

    How can they expand if they can't use the Unused areas that they purposefully left on the map for Expansion?
    To begin with, I said only about Unova that it had vast of unused space left to be used in B2/W2, the same like Kanto had before introduction of Johto in G/S. And yes, even after expansions Kanto and Unova still have plenty of unused space. Hoenn or Sinnoh would be too crowded after addition of new cities.

    Originally Posted by Kanto_Johto View Post
    As far as "hints" go, have Game Freak ever admitted to purposely implementing hints to remakes in other games within the same generation? Such as those that were pointed out in D/P/Pt signalling G/S remakes? If not then all "hints" picked up on by fans from BW/B2W2 "signalling" R/S/E remakes are made entirely redundant, in my opinion.
    How Game Freak could ever admit they put hints in games? They won't admit it, the same like they won't tell what game they are working on now. Until official announcement of course. Btw, hints for G/S remakes turned out to be accurate.