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    Originally Posted by Haseyo View Post
    To be fair, the original Gen I/II sprites had no color (even with Gameboy Color, they were still all one color), so it only made sense to use their remake sprites.
    Only Red, Blue and Green were one color when played on a GBC.

    Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal were all properly colored. Though Yellow did have a fair amount of Yellow pigments in most of the sprites, they were all still individually colored.

    HG/SS got redesigns because the pixel art for the sprites weren't as clear as the third Gen sprites and didn't hold detail well. Between Gens 1 and 2 the Kanto Gym Leaders received clothing make overs, so between 3 and 4's remakes of them they'd do the same cause that was a relation they had in the originals.

    There really just wasn't any reason to redesign the Hoenn leaders past updating them to larger sprites.